What Impact Can Analytics Certification Have on Your Career?

Analytics Certification

Today, the job market has become highly competitive and to get an edge past your fellow competitors who are all eyeing the same position, a specialisation is very important. Data analysts and developers are much sought after and job in analytics are highly lucrative.

Data and big data analytics are slowly becoming the life line industry. So, if you are looking for a new job or career advancement, get big data analytics certification.

Certification stands for your knowledge and skill against industry specified standard and specific benchmarks to let employers know that you have the right skillset.

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) certification is a rigorous general analytics certification. It speaks for you. It tells that you have an end to end understanding of the analytics process and are capable of acquiring, manipulating and analyzing data.

An important faction in Analytics Certification is the Google Analytics Individual Qualification, which certifies proficiency in Google analytics for anyone who has passed the exam. This exam helps to test your knowledge of digital analytics and Google analytics to access the complimentary examination, you need to first sign up for Google partners and create your own individual profile. By taking this analytics certification examination by Google, your understanding of the fundamentals of analytics would increase. It helps in making your resume look more appealing.

Data analytics has usage in all fields and is the favoured test for data mining, pattern matching, data visualization and other related functions. Analytics certification program teaches you to extract useful information from millions of bytes in minutes.

Analytics training combines in depth theoretical knowledge with comprehensive practical exercise and training. Usually the analytics certification courses are a combination of live instructions and pre recorded videos. The whole program makes sure that the candidate is aware of the various processes and procedures that make big data analytics possible. You should end the certification course with the knowledge that when, where and how you should apply data analytics.

  • Analytics Certification should enable you to-
  • Explore new patterns and relationship in data
  • Predictive modelling and predictive analytics
  • Logistic regression
  • Use tools like R and Excel
  • Solve business problems

Analytics Certification:

Course is designed to equip professionals in the fields of finance, marketing, economics, statistics, IT, market research, commodity markets etcetera. No prior skill set is essential for this course. But if you have a way with patterns and numbers you will definitely find things to be easier.

Big Data Analysis has application in various fields and hence a certification in it will go a long way in helping you with employment. It is extremely competitive fields and to stand out from the crowd you need to be certified.

By getting on excellent analytics certification you can get career advancement and many more job opportunities. It doesn’t matter whether you have obtained your certification online or in an actual classroom. Moreover, the training that you get from the certification will help boost your confidence and also impact the organisation in a positive way.

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