6 Effective Measures to Generate Potential Lead Through IVR

Generate Potential Lead

Do you remember the call you recently made to enquire about your new cell-phone problem? Then you also remember that a robotic lady-like voice that instructed you to follow her if you want to speak to a live customer care agent. It might have sounded something like this; “Welcome to Mobile city…to register a complaint press 4, to speak with our agent press 5, to go to the main menu press # …” Advancement of technology is speaking to you. It is an IVR, Interactive Voice Response. This technology allows…

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How to Gain Great Marks in Mathematics in 10th Standard?

Mathematics in 10th Standard

10th standard is like an exam for both students and parents. The first time, students face a good amount of pressure as they have to go to a different school for appearing for the exam as well as their teachers and examiners are different. Some children take so much stress, that they face depression or illness due to 10th boards fear. Even parents take leave from their work to help their children practice well before sitting in the exam. The format of 10th exam CBSE is like: You would be…

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The Future of Indian Analytics Industry Hangs on a Balance

Analytics Industry

It has been widely recognized that Bangalore, the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, has also become the analytics and data science hub of India. The entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are all becoming predominantly concerned with big data. And the industry is shaping up pretty well. It has a very good outlook. The analytics firms are generating healthy revenue; the gross value of the market is predicted to reach $57 billion by 2020; a lot of Indians are employed in and out of the country. A lot of companies have actually responded…

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Crucial aspects of a successful outbound calling script

successful outbound calling

Advancement in technology has taken over the field of sale and marketing. The traditional strategy of knocking door to door so as to promote your product is long gone. The marketing blueprint has upgraded to phone calls. Businesses nowadays practice outbound calling to promote their offerings. Their representatives initiate telephonic conversations with potential customers so as to promote various products and services. However, getting the attention of a customer is a painful task. If you are all determined to make back to back sale, then get ready to get disheartened.…

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GST Calculator: Significance of Geocoding Technology

Geocoding Technology

The news related to GST enactment in India is certainly a cause of concern for businesses. They claim that they are not ready to adopt to the changing taxation requirements quite efficiently because they are not having a scientific calculator that can help them calculate their liabilities precisely. It is so true that wrong computation or calculation taxes during GST era would have an impactful influence on the reputation and compliance rating of businesses; therefore, they must be ensured efficient and scientific GST calculators. As a matter of fact, businesses…

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Why Shop Candies from a Candy Store Online?

Candy Store Online

When I was young, my parents would promise me a candy for completing the day’s homework. I am sure your parents would have done the same thing with you during your school days. To win a Candy, I would not move out to play before finishing my homework.  Such was my addiction with the candies.  The most popular candies belonging to 90’s were Mango bite, Rola-a-cola, Kismi, Panpasand, Swad, Poppins, Lacto King, Ring Pop Lollipop, Big Babool and Cofee Bite. Rola cola would taste like cola, hence its name. The…

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Make Most of Your Summer Vacations with 4-star resort in Goa

resort in Goa

Even though the best season to visit Goa is usually considered to be the winter season, somewhere between October-February still you can find countless things to do and have a good time on your summer vacation in Goa. Have you ever thought of going to this paradise of beaches on your summer break? Or are you thinking about taking up such kind of break, but somehow not sure whether it would be a good decision or bad? Well, if you are stuck with your decision then read on to find…

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Take the help of Vashikaran Mantra for Love Marriage

Vashikaran Mantra for Love Marriage

In this modern age, who does not want to marry the person of their choice? Everybody dreams of getting married to their love of life and settle down. These days through vashikaran mantra for love marriage you can easily have a control over the same. Vashikaran is that manta through which you could easily have a control over the person you want to get in your life that may be your life partner or love of your life. Through this you could control the mind of a person. Through this…

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