Advantages of wearing Cats Eye Stone

Cats Eye Stone

The gemstone has derived its name Cat eye stone owing to the striking similarity it has with that of a Cat’s eye. The gemstone has a beam of aray passing through its center which gives it a look like a cat eye. The stone is found in color palates of honey, black and yellowish green. Cat eye gemstone is also recognized by few other names such as Lehsunia, Cymophane, Vaiduria, and Chrysoberyl.

The cat eye gemstone is found in locations like Burma, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and China. One of the most sought after cat eye stone is that of chrysoberyl which is very attractive in appearance. The ruling planet of gemstone Cat eye is said to be Ketu. Hence, it helps in fighting the evil effects of planet Ketu.

Benefits of Cat eye:

  • It enhances the wisdom and intellect of a person.
  • It also brings materialistic comfort in life.
  • The stone protects from mishaps, evil forces, and accidents.
  • It stabilizes emotions and improves mental strength to deal with adverse situations.
  • The gemstone offers support, courage, stability, wisdom and willpower.
  • The gemstone is also known for its ability to attract sudden wealth and opportunities.
  • The stone also brings enlightenment towards Moksha(liberation).

One can wear cat eye stone in aring, bracelet or pendant which is most favorable. The stone should be smooth and free from chemical treatments. The cat eye stone price varies from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 150000.

About Panna stone

The gemstone Panna which is also known as Emerald is one of the precious gemstones revered for its astrological benefits. It is considered as the birthstone of Virgo and RashiRatna for Gemini. Panna is said to strengthen the planet Mercury (Buddha). It bestows the wearer with Art, wit, prosperity, creativity, wealth, Sharp mind, health and Agility.

Benefits of Emerald:

  • It brings intelligence and learning abilities in the wearer.
  • It is also helpful for professionals in thefield of communication, network, and conveyance.
  • Since it brings creativity to thewearer, it is beneficial artists in bringing out their talent.
  • The gemstone ensures overall health and benefits the green colored components of the body such as veins and nerves.
  • Emerald bestows the wearer with public speaking skills, fluency, oratory and confident voice.
  • The gemstone is favorable in educational matters.

Characteristics of Emerald:

  • The quality plays a vital role while selecting the stone for astrological purpose.
  • The quality is mainly determined by the clarity of the stone. The color of the stone does not impact that much on the astrological benefits.
  • The cut of the stone is only for theornamental purpose and does not have astrological significance.

One can buy authentic Panna from authorized sellers. Panna Stone online shopping can also be done from averified seller. One should check the lab certifications before buying the gemstone from anonline seller. Astrologers say that the gemstone should be worn in gold, however; one can also wear it in silver and even platinum.

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