How to Calculate your Working Capital and Revenue From Time to Time to Get Big Profits?

calculate working capital

Regardless of a business’ size, or its industry genre, working capital continues to play a significant role as a metric to assess its short-term financial health. With India’s start-up base contributing to it being one of the major economies across the world, the working capital requirements are now at an all-time high. Much can be attributed to the fact that working capital acts as the financial pivot for any business. It is well substantiated by RBI’s new ‘Guidelines on loan system for delivery of credit’ that is expected to bring…

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Which Type Of Credit Card Is Good For Your Financial Support?

As of May 2019, the number of credit cards grew by 27% as per data from the Reserve Bank of India. This exponential growth is witnessed mainly because credit cards have become a highly rewarding payment method owing to competition among financial institutions. It is not only quick and easy but also has customer-oriented features that are specific for every customer. Those looking to avail one can choose from different type of credit cards. Few of these are mentioned below – Secured credit cards Secured credit cards are offered against…

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Home Loans to Get a Boost This Year! Know the Factors.

The residential real estate sector is witnessing substantial credit growth supported by greater affordability for first-time homebuyers as well as government incentives. It is resulting in the rise in primary home purchase, particularly in the affordable housing segment. The demand for home loans is only set to increase in the near future. Read on to know more about the factors that are driving the demand for such loans, and also leading to a significant increase in 2020. Lower loan interests The Reserve Bank of India has been consistently reducing the…

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3 Uncommon Debt Reduction Tips

Debt Reduction Tips

Debt is an increasingly common situation for people in all walks of life. Regardless of how much or how little debt you are in, the effects can be tremendous, such as stress and anxiety, limiting your lifestyle, preventing significant life purchases such as a new car or home. Ultimately, left unchecked, a big debt can result in being chased and harassed by debtors and even end up in court if you are subject to a debt related lawsuit. Once you’ve taken the time to explore your debts, look at the…

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Tax Benefits Of A Health Insurance Policy In India

The importance and benefits of health insurance are known to all. Health insurance provides a cushion against the spiralling healthcare costs and guards you against any financial stress that you might encounter due to a medical condition. However, not many are aware of the fact that a health insurance policy not only safeguards the insured against the financial pressure that comes along with a medical crisis but also aids in fulfilling an individual’s financial goals by providing tax reliefs. Health insurance and tax benefits Under Section 80D of the Income…

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UTI Dividend Yield Fund Is The Best Option To Invest And Get Stable Yields

UTI Dividend Yield Fund

UTI Mutual Fund is a good investment option for mutual fund investment in India. UTI is an AMC (Asset Management Company) mutual fund. It has received separate funding under AMC. UTI Mutual Fund Unit is a subsidiary of Unit Trust of India, which was established on 30 December 1963 as per the UTI Act passed by the Parliament of India. UTI Mutual Fund was not only one of the oldest fund houses in India but was also synonymous with steady growth. Currently, UTI MF has more than 1,000 mutual fund…

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Charges Imposed by Banks, HFCS, Nbfcs While Availing a Home Loan

Average middle-class Indian citizens and salaried individuals dream of living in their own homes. Home loans provide the necessary financial assistance to avail such residential properties. You can avail as much as 75%-80% of the cost of your dream house as a home loan provided you fulfill the eligibility criteria and follow up on the required documentation. Home loans look lucrative but home loan charges are inclusive of a lot more. Here is a list of a few hidden home loan fees and charges that are included in a home…

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How to Pay Income Tax on Fixed Deposit?

Fixed deposits are the most popular tools of investment. FDs offer a viable source of income in the shifting winds of the economic climate. Though investors can completely exploit the benefits stated under Income Tax Act 80 C through fixed deposits, the interest earned on income is taxable. Devised below is a compilation of how the income tax on income earned from fixed deposits can be calculated and paid. What are fixed deposits? Fixed deposits are deposits made by an investor with a bank or NBFC for a stipulated period.…

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