Introduction to cryolipolysis: A nonsurgical liposuction procedure

nonsurgical liposuction procedure

Cryolipolysis is a nonsurgical liposuction procedure to reduce localised fat. For a safe alternative than typical invasive methods, nonsurgical body contouring through cryolipolysis brings forth promising results and rather emerging form of liposuction in Dubai.

It targets the unwanted fat by literally freezing it before safe removal that sculpts a body. More than a dozen candidates around the world are appealed to the fat-reducing technology that rid pockets of fat and shapes the body however; it isn’t intended to remove excessive fat.

Cryolipolysis or cryogenic liposuction in Dubai can be executed without anaesthesia and even doesn’t require any incisions in the skin which means a patient is relieved from surgery and prolonged recovery time.

How cryolipolysis work?

Adipocytes; fat-containing cells are highly susceptible to cold temperatures than others in the body. The reaction is similar to that of frostbite; exposure to sub-zero temperature which means fat cells are instantly frozen without harming the skin cells.

The device through which cryolipolysis is performed has double cooling panels affixed to a cup-shaped applicator that targets the specific area to be treated. Pressure from the vacuum extracts the fat deposits into the hand-held applicator after which cool temperature is applied for approximately 45 to 60 minutes thereby eradicating the adipocytes.

Patient undergoing this particularform of non-invasive liposuction in Dubai would feel extreme cold and pressure initially however; the sensation would depart after a few minutes. When the device is detached, targeted fat would’ve hardened but it’ll soften again in a few minutes.

Area must be massaged for a couple of minutes allowing the candidate to continue daily activities almost immediately but, the results would appear after some time so one mustn’t be hasty as cryolipolysis is a medical procedure.

Inflammation appears more or less three days of the post-procedure that’s more visible after 14 days occurring as a natural response to injury that result in lymphocytes or any other mononuclear cells that surrounds the dead fat cells.

The body’s immune system then transmit macrophages and phagocytes to the area where fat cell digestion begins almost 14-30 days after initial cryolipolysis procedure. Inflammation subsidises as the count of fat dead cells reduces whereas complete result of the treatment is visible in two to four months.

Cryogenic lipolysis also termed as Cool Sculpting is known to reduce fat by 25 percent approximately and now a common procedure of liposuction in Dubai.

Are you the right candidate?

Cryolipolysis removes fat from the subcutaneous layer directly below the skin which is best for specific areas of the back, abdomen, thighs and flank (sides of the torso between the hips and ribs). Fat volume must fit perfectly to the applicator which means the procedure isn’t suitable for people with excess fat deposit or obese. Treatment may follow many different cycles depending on the fat location.The person receiving treatment should be of normal weight and must perform regular exercise with appropriate diet.


Being non-invasive, cryolipolysis is taking over traditional liposuction in Dubai and many other countries however, there’re certain exceptions as few treatments are only possible through the usual lipo.

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