Does a Baby Possess a Knee Cap?

Do babies have knee cap when they are born? Anyone who has spent a lot of time with the toddlers will be by now aware that walking and standing are made possible before braking or steering. Moving around the room propelled by legs does have its own navigational issues. One thing for sure the early stages of toddling are full of crashes along with mishaps.

It is the ability of the toddlers to stick to the art of ticking which works wonders, rather than moving. Until and unless they see someone react to their fall they are ready to bounce back with a smile or a grin on their faces. They proceed to move quickly to the next movable object in their radar.

The knees take the core of the damage when a baby falls. They seem designed for it as the knees of the baby are soft, and give a rubberish feeling to it. Be it a young kid or an old man, your knees work round the clock to get your around. It is an important joint that is formed by the intersection of the femur which is your thigh bone, the patella that is the knee cap along with the tibia your chin bone. In case if you are not aware the question does baby have knee caps when born is a no. To certify this, you can go on to check the knees of your baby and the answer is in front of you.

When an X ray of the knees of the baby is done they do not show up and the reason for it is that it is in a stage of cartilage. With the passage of time it develops into kneecaps. But your baby will have to take a few spills before they grow up. By the time your baby is somewhere between the age group of 3 to 5 years, the baby will have knee caps like adults do. In the course of the crawling stage your baby will be in the stage of cartilage which is like a sponge compressor.

If you think of knee cap as a bone, then a baby does not have one. But if you think of it as a cartilage in the middle of the tendon that is connected to the femur, then the baby has one for sure. You can find this out at the time of argument as well. You can find answers in the form of sort of and all above.

So why do the babies do not have a knee cap at the time of birth? The exact reasons cannot be pin pointed but the lack of a hard knee cap is a good thing when one realizes that crawling around on a hard bone is less comfortable than crawling around on a soft piece of cartilage. One more reason could be that the kids do fall on their knees a lot, and a soft knee cap is less prone to damages then a hard one for sure.

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