Five Most Important Things to Know about Facial Skin Cancer

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Skin cancer is likely to start developing from the face due to regular exposure to sunlight. Fortunately, enough most skin cancers can be treated if detected early despite their location. However, it is important to consider all possible options. This is mainly because if it affects your face the outcome of any treatment options may affect how you feel about yourself. That is why it is important to go for a skin check in Gold Coast in order to have an excellent prognosis as soon as possible. Here are the things you need to know when diagnosed with facial skin cancer.

Know the Type of Skin Cancer You Have

One of the most significant things to understand about skin cancer is that there are different types. Knowing the type of cancer you have makes it easier for your skin check in Gold Coast doctors to make treatment recommendations. The main types of skin cancer that can develop on your face are squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma.  Basal cell carcinoma usually grows slowly but there are other subtypes of the disease that may grow deeper into the skin. When diagnosed with the basal cell it is important to get it treated but there is no need to panic and rush to the doctor the same day. Other types of squamous cells can grow rapidly and it is, therefore, crucial to discuss the timing of your treatment with your pathologist.

Get Second Opinion from Another Pathologist

The initial step of treating skin cancer is to get a skin biopsy. During the biopsy, a tissue sample of your skin is taken for analysis to a pathologist. They will then examine the sample under a microscope to determine if it is really cancer and of which type. A pathologist is usually confident with their diagnoses but there are certain instances when the results can be inconclusive. Furthermore, the cancer cells may seem unusual and therefore the need for another test from a different pathologist.

You can know if you need a second opinion by asking your doctor. If the doctor says that your test results were not definitive then that is your first cue to go for another opinion. Another way to know if you need to seek a second opinion is by reviewing the medical report yourself. Look for evidence of a hypothesis that indicates that the test was not conclusive and the doctor may not be sure.

Begin Your Treatment with a Certified Dermatologist Surgeon

Starting your care with a qualified doctor may seem normal but when it comes to skin cancer it is important not to take any chances. Go for a dermatologist who has fellowship training and is certified by the board of dermatologists. Other people usually rush for plastic surgery when they notice they have something on their face. However, some types of skin cancer can grow deeper and wider and removing them completely may be difficult.

Seeking treatment from a certified dermatologist ensures that you not only get the best cosmetics treatment but also the best experience as far as facial skin cancer is concerned. You can ask your doctor to give you a recommendation for the best dermatologist. Another option is to seek treatment at a health facility where there is a dermatologist surgeon as a staff member. This ensures that you get medical care from professionals who are experts in handling skin-sparing procedures which not only preserves your skin but also ensures that all the cancers have been removed from your skin.

Seek Relevant Information Regarding Different Skin Cancer Treatment Options

Mohs surgery is one of the most common treatment options for facial skin cancer. The surgery entails removing the skin cancer in thin layers at the most affected parts. These treatment options have a significant cure rate and also enable the preservation of the surrounding tissues which may be healthy. However, the process may be longer as it usually lasts for hours. The best thing your doctor can do is to ensure that you are comfortable and know how things are progressing every step of the way.

As much as the Mohs surgery is the most common it doesn’t mean that it is the best treatment option for you. You can ask your doctor for any available treatment options that may be best for you and their pros and cons.

Get Comprehensive Medical Care if You Have Complicated Skin Cancer

Sometimes your skin cancer may be complicated to treat and may need the input of more than one specialist. For instance, you may need the services of a plastic surgeon if there are cosmetics challenges. You may also need the input of an ocular surgeon if the facial skin cancer has reached the eyes. The main benefit of comprehensive care is that all specialists are involved which means the best care for you.

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