Some Essential Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga Poses for Beginners

Are you someone who forgot the yoga poses taught to you in the first yoga class and now want to learn them again? The basic form of yoga is a must for all to learn it properly. Initially you may find it quite crazy to be followed and must be thinking that these are quite weird, but it comes up with lots of health benefits. Yoga Poses for Beginners are not that tough to be followed. It comes up with easy and tricky tips to be followed. In this article you will be guided with few foundation poses for yoga.

Listed Below are Some of the Yoga Poses for Beginners:

  1. Downward Facing Dog- This is one of the most prominent forms of yoga, this goes quite hand in hand with yoga. But if you have heard about this many times it does not means that it is easy to be practiced. Usually it has been noticed that most of the beginners usually do it in a wrong way, they tend to do it like a plank. In this form of yoga you need to keep the entire weight of your body in your legs. You should keep your buts high and your heels should touch the floor. Initially it is more like a resting posture.
  2. Mountain Pose- Mountain pose may not be as famous as the downward facing dog but is is also an important part of yoga. It gives you a good chance to work on your alignment which will help aligning your body parts in a better way. It draws a very straight line from your crown to your heels. In it you need to keep your pelvis quite strong. If you hire a good yoga teacher for the same, they will definitely teach all the yoga steps to you in a real good manner.
  3. Warrior 1- The most important thing you need to remember in this is that you need to keep your hips facing forward. Make your hip point as your headlight. Make sure that you manage to roughly parallel with your mat. At times you need to move your legs on the wider instance. It is named so as it makes your pose look more like a warrior.
  4. Warrior 2- Unlike warrior 1, in this yoga pose you hip will face the side of the mat. When you gradually move from Warrior 1-Warrior 2 you hips should be open to both the sides freely. This is one of the most important yoga poses for beginners. It is not only important for beginners, it is equally important for someone who has been practicing it for ages.
  5. Extended Side Angle- You need to bring your forearms closer to your thigh rather than your hand on the floor. It will help you remain open from your shoulders. If someone reaches the floor before they are ready, it is said that they are into the position of torso

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