Points To Keep In Mind When You Are Dealing With Colour Treated Hair And Ensure They Look Fabulous

In modern times hair colouring has gone on to become a trend. Once upon a time people with grey hairs only used to colour their hairs, but of late people resort to hair colouring options to provide it a glamour prone look. It is not only about the traditional colours of black and white as there are a wide variety of fancy colours. Just opt for a colour safe anti- dandruff shampoo as the results are accurate. Most colours would require you to bleach it in order to show up the desired results. But bleaching of your hair is bad for its health. So you have to follow a set of tips in order to ensure optimum care of your hair.

Once you colour your hair a proper hair care regime has to be followed. It is possible to use the best colour safe dandruff shampoo from the company Ketomac as it is rated to be one of the best. A mild shampoo ensures the possible care for your hair.

Let us explore the tips on how to deal with colour treated hair.

Discuss with your hair stylist about the quality of hair colour

The moment you are planning to get your hair coloured the first thing that you have to do is to check out the properties of the hair colour. This would keep your hair conditioned as the time passes by. Do not opt for hair colours that have natural oils as they help to retain the moisture in the colour treated hair ensuring they are shiny and healthy. You need to also check that the colour is free from ammonia.

Do not shampoo your hair on a regular basis

 A suggestion is not to shampoo your hair on a regular basis as the colours might taper off. In no way it means that your hair would be messy or dirty but rather than washing your hair every day you can wash it on alternate days. This would enable to retain the colour for a long time.


The best way to take care of colour treated hair is to moisturizer it with the right set of ingredients. In this regard the use of various oils would be helpful. Not only do they extend the shelf life of the hair but makes it look healthier and shiny. You could discuss with your hair stylist or different treatments at a salon to consider the different hair treatment options. This is one of the best ways to keep your hair shiny and healthy. Last but not the least you can use a dry shampoo or a colour free shampoo. There would be days where you might not be able to use a regular shampoo then you can go on to use a colour free shampoo. Even a dry shampoo is a better option to manage your hair where you do not have to even wash them.

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