Tips to keep your swag warm

swag warm

Follow these few tips to keep your swag warm and sweltering at night. Whether you are camping during the winter of just for those chilly spring and fall nights, there’s something here that will definitely help.

Ensure that you have a good standard temperature deserved sleeping bag. For maximum sweltering, get a sleeping bag that is deserved for zero degrees. You can also get a fleece sleeping bag liner to grow the temperature rating of your sleeping bag by about ten degrees. If you are in requirement of a good sleeping bag, you might desire to look for the highest deserved sleeping bags.

Go for a sleeping pad. Sleeping pads offer more protection than an air mattress does because air mattresses get filled with cold air on cold nights. An air mattress by itself doesn’t offer any protection between you and the cold air in the air mattress. If you need comfort and warmth, you can put the sleeping pads straight away on top of your air mattress.

Go for a heater, the heaters are made for use inside of swag. We do not suggest however allowing the heater run all night while you are sleeping. If you use one of these heaters, we suggest that you run it for a while before you go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning.

Use a Thermal Blanket to throw back the heat from the heater back down at you. Most people actually think of these blankets as emergency blankets. Whether you use a stimulant heater or just your own body heat, this tip can actually help a lot! Just attach the thermal blanket to the ceiling of your swag with duct tape and it will throw back much of the heat inside the swag back down at you.

Put on a knit hat while you sleep. A lot of your body heat is lost through your head so just by wearing a knit hat; you can keep a lot of that body heat in you. Putting on one is better that putting your head inside your swag since when you put your head inside of your sleeping bag, your breath generates condensation inside the bag which can finally make you colder throughout the night.

Ensure that your socks are wholly dry. Even a little damp socks can cause you to lose of immense heat through your feet. We suggest putting on a clean pair straight away when you climb into your temperature desired swag. It’s also essential to ensure that you don’t turn out too much and begin sweating. If you get so warm that you begin perspiring, you can be sure that you will end up cold and wet in the end! If you begin to sweat, remove some covers.

One other tip that is essential that most people don’t believe is that you require keeping your swag ventilated at night. This may sound a little peculiar at first but there’s a good cause for it. The heat from your body and your breath itself inside your swag at night can cause condensation to accumulate and make everything in your swag a bit damp.

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