Why do we need to save paper and How to do it ?

save paper

Paper is one of the most widely used products in the world. From school to offices, a paper is used everywhere. Paper is an integral part of human life, and it is used in various ways for numerous purposes. The utility of paper is increasing with time. However, the extensive spread in the production of paper is facing criticism from environment conservatives as it leads to loss of natural habitat in their opinion. It is therefore essential to unfold the causes, issues and solutions related to paper production and usage.

Where does paper come from?

Paper is produced by wood that is obtained by cutting down of trees. This wood is used to make a pulp by mixing it with water and other chemicals for further processing.

The impact of production of paper on environment

The widespread growth of the paper industry has to lead to the cutting of a significant number of trees. The cutting of trees can take place either in a managed forest or by cutting of tress without any plans for replanting them. Paper production has been a contributor to the loss of forests and the natural ecosystem.

Is there a way to reduce this damage to the environment?

The widespread cutting of forest can be reduced by making less use of paper and by using it efficiently. Moreover, recycling of paper can also help to tackle this problem effectively.

  1. Follow the right production methods.

It is essential to ensure that paper is produced responsibly. Paper should not be produced in an unproductive manner that may lead to loss of precious resources. Paper manufacturing Industries should follow the appropriate standards for paper technology to ensure optimum efficiency.

  1. Follow the right consumption methods.

Just like production, there are standards ways of consuming paper. There should be proper instruction about its usage in various industrial processes. For example, standards for packaging and distribution of goods have instructions about using the paper in the right manner when used for packaging purpose. Following the appropriate methods of consumption can save paper from being wasted.

  1. Go digital

Making a shift from using paper to using digital platforms can be an impact way to reduce paper consumption. There are many ways to reduce paper consumption by choosing digital alternatives such as

  • Use email for correspondence- Correspondence that does not need any physical document as a necessity to be the subject matter of the conversation can shift to digital correspondence medium.
  • Use mail bill instead of a paper bill- Citizens should opt for online billing instead of paper bills as the purpose of a bill is to convey billing information.
  • Store documents digitally- Documents should be stored in digital form instead of physical paper form. Printing and storage of documents is one among the most extensive paper consumption practices across the world.

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