Understanding in-depth about Proctored exam for hiring

Proctored exam for hiring

Are you planning to switch to proctored exam and wondering whether it can be really an efficient solution? If yes, then certainly this is the best step that you can opt for. Ideally, such type of test is an online recruiting service which is well secured and highly private. Proctor is more like a person monitoring the candidate who has appeared for the exam. There are in-person proctoring centres that are available. Earlier, such type of solution was only used for distance learning students but now looking at its increasing scope, people have started using it for the recruitment solution.

Know more the about Online exam:

Online exam is the best way to hire the candidate through any location and ensure that right analysis is derived depending upon the results that he gets. In online proctored exam, there is a use of live proctors as in the –in-person who makes it more convenient for the test taking experience. It was earlier used only in the educations and initiated to catch up the breaches associated with academic integrity. But now days, with live proctors, it is a lot convenient to interview if the candidate in any way is trying to cheat or use the unpermitted materials during their test. This way, irrespective of the location, the recruiter can keep an eye on the candidate at the same time ensure that cheating is nowhere entertained.

How to deal with the cheating:

If there is any kind of cheating that gets caught either through web or image proctored solution, then the candidate would immediately be told to be out of the exam. The exam cheating is caught up with the use of certain technically featured enabled computer use which a candidate is entitled to use at the time of giving the test. If the test giver noticed any misuse of the computer program or the website then it is in his hands to take the crucial decision and ensure that the candidate is straight away restricted from appearing for the exam of the company in future.

With a good secured exam delivery solution, the hiring manager can conduct the exam irrespective of the location and ensure that right hiring process is carried out. In today’s time, the technology that is being used offers the teachers, recruiters and even the admin to see, hear and even note down each and every action of a candidate irrespective of the location. This way, it enables the hiring team to make sure that the candidate they chose is hired on the accurate results that were enabled without any scope of cheating.

There are many online exam protocols that are designed to make sure safe exam delivery system is followed which is specific to the system, environment and testing and has met all the protocol requirements which a company’s hiring policy has set. To ensure that proctored exam’s integrity is well maintained, it is always better to speak with the expert creating such option and get the right solution for your business.


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