The Real Concerns about Analytics in India

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The narrative on analytics in India has changed in the last few years. The industry has grown out of its ‘nascent stage’ and moving into let us say, adulthood. We are no longer talking about where and how big data analytics can impact the Indian market, we are witnessing the them in reality. There still are certain concerns though like the skill gap, the lack of proper education and intangibility of the effect of analytics on the ROI – knock knock! The real problems are here.

The picture is not clear yet

A lot of terms are flying about the internet without any proper and well known definitions. We are still confusing the roles of a big data analyst a business analyst and a data scientist. It is true that their roles are not mutually exclusive at the least but there are certain definite differences which have to be recognized.

If you are a data analyst, your work mostly comprises data mining, data warehouse management, data processing and analysis. You need tools like HDFS, MapReduce, Spark, Tableau, etc. You need to learn languages such as Python, R, JavaScript, C++, etc. Undergoing big data training in Bangalore will leave you with various opportunities in the same city in the Analytics industry.

Whereas to play the role of a business analyst your tool kit has to be different. You need to focus more on visualization. You have to understand the core concepts or acumen required for running a successful business. While you work with data all the same, the requirements for you are quite different. The point is, you got to be clear about your pursuit else you risk drifting.

The companies too are often missing the point

India is a gold mine for data analysts; so much can be achieved by implementing the right techniques. This owes largely to the vastness of the market.

But you often hear sad stories about an Enterprise failing to real the values of big data. Quite on the contrary there are issues like a company going bankrupt.

The startups depend greatly on the proper usage of these technologies to compete with the large corporations. India is no longer just a country that provides analytics services to other companies abroad. The domestic companies are plunging to use analytics. But there are too many failures.

This leads us to

The lack of quality professionals

In a recent report LinkedIn has ranked India in the top three in terms of AI skills. 46% of the surveyed professionals did not need any upskilling. But the story up front is quite different. In a country as large and as vastly populated as India, it is hard to put a seal on a survey report unless it encompasses a huge body of respondents. While we can enjoy the developments we must also keep in mind that there is still a screaming gap between required and acquired skills in India. A handful of institutes are imparting state of the art knowledge.

Get your big data training in Bangalore, choose your courses well. Do not skip the basics and keep learning because the best tool today can be obsolete the day after tomorrow.

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