Radha Krishna: A Depiction of True Love

What is the greatest truth that remains above all and is the one that every living being desires and dream of?

Is it money? Or is it unlimited power? Or is it something else?

In my understanding, the entire world is only standing on one solid support of emotion that is known as love. It is the purest of emotion, the deepest of feelings, and the clearer of all things that exist in the world.

India, a land of mythological stories, many Gods, and many cultures have been the birthplace of numerous great love stories since the beginning of time.

One such tale of true love is the story of Radha and Krishna.

Ever wondered why Radha Krishna Paintings are so popular from such a long time? Why not some other deities but only these two are most often praised and remembered together?

Well, the power and the essence of true love is not something that you can easily wave off. It stays for centuries spreading the eternal message of what love is and what it is not.

Many art forms have been depicting the greats of this love story in some exquisite and dazzling paintings. Even today you can find numerous genre of Radha Krishna paintings the moment you look at an art gallery.

Western culture also praises Krishna and Radha’s saga of love and there have been numerous temples of Radha Krishna in the U.S.A, Britain, Canada, Germany, and so on.

So, why is this story so powerful and why does it impact so many people across the globe. Although the tale is from a Hindu mythology, the meaning of true love that existed between Radha and Krishna is something hard to resist for people of any belief.

Let’s see how Radha Krishna’s love story is such an astonishing expression of love.

The pure love

Many of you may have experience or encounter love at some point in your life. The experience may have been sweet or bitter that may have built a perception of love in your mind.

Love is being perceived in today’s world as an asset and as a materialistic sounding term. The values have been overrun by the temporary characteristics such as appearance, money, status and so on.

The story of Radha Krishna tells us that whatever happens, true love can never vanish.

It remains in the heaviest of rain, in the strongest of hurricanes, the deadliest of storms, and the infinite space.

This is the same reason that after like thousands of years, I am writing and you are reading about it.

The love between Radha and Krishna ignited in the younger age only when both were children. As per the Hindu epic, the couple was blessed from the God Brahma himself.

But when Krishna was 10, he left Vrindavan, to fulfil his duties. After then, there is no mention that Krishna and Radha ever met. That’s it!

You must be thinking where is the love story? It is just a childhood crush that eventually happens to everyone, right?

The gist here is that even though both Radha and Krishna never met again, there love for each other increased as it was meant to. A true picture of how physical and materialistic aspects can never bound the real feelings for someone.

It is a hard way to love someone but if you do love, do it the perfect way. This is what Radha Krishna paintings signify and this is what draws millions of people in the world to purchase the same.

The purity of the story is just out of this world, and at some point, you would feel that “This is not possible”.

Well it is and that’s how love should be; carefree, no jealousy, no consummation, no personal gain, no expectations and no desires.

The paintings of Radha Krishna does purify the ambience of a room with such scintillating and pious thoughts that raises your consciousness level.

The piousness

Everyone knows what happened with Krishna because there are so many scriptures that tell us about the life of this Vishnu avatar. But do you have any idea what happened with Radha?

We often mention that being in a relationship is a 2-way process, but the fact that the marvellous story of Radha Krishna tells us is different.

Radha was never married to Krishna. Both knew they belong to each other, but, due to duties they were liable to fulfil, they choose the path of Karma.

Both, Radha and Krishna never doubted that their love will be reduced because they are not staying together. They were sad, heartbroken, but not even a bit of dubious about the love they had for each other.

Such was the level of devotion both of them had for each other. The impeccable artworks of Radha Krishna paintings depict such piousness.

So, choose an authentic art gallery and get hands on the appealing, aesthetically crafted, and spiritually filled paintings. These artworks will definitely offer peace, calmness, love, and positivity in the aura of your room.

After all, love is what we do everything for! Thanks!

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