The right hijab for your perfect skin tone

right hijab

We generally tend to pay a lot of attention to the colour of the dress that we choose and we fixate on our skin tone. We all want to look our best and hence we try to find out the perfect kaftan or abaya colour that will bring out the best of your features and blend well with our skin tone.

However we often forget to take into consideration which colour of hijab will go best with our skin tone even though it is the most important thing that we need to consider when we are browsing through the pages of the best formal hijab store online, searching for the perfect one for us. Well, it’s better late than never and if you need some help in choosing which skin tone will go best with which colour of hijab, then here is a small guide for you:

When you have a dark skin tone

Women and girls tend to fret a lot if they have a dark skin tone because they believe that no colour of their choice will look good on them. Well, ladies there’s news for those of you who think like this- you have more options than you had thought! In fact you can go with any colour that you what, except probably brown since that will blend right in with your skin tone. Do not be afraid of experimenting with light and muted tones which work wonderfully for your skin tone. If you are wearing a dark coloured abaya then pastel shades of blue, yellow, purple will look really great on you. So what stop worrying about running out of options, since that is the last thing that will happen with your skin tone.

When you have a medium skin tone

A lot of women have medium skin tone and whether you wear an abaya or not when it comes to hijabs, then there are a few colours that will definitely complement your skin tone. You can try out lighter shades like ivory and beige. Camel, olive green, light blush, sand and taupe are a few other colours from the feminine palette that you can definitely colour your outfits with. Whether you want to cover your entire face or wear it like a head scarf, when you buy formal hijab online then you can always be sure about these colour shades for this skin tone.

When you have a fair to very fair skin tone

Take a closer look at the mirror and determine whether you have yellowish undertones or pink undertones for your skin. A very good option for both these two undertones is bright colours. Reds and bright blues are bold choices if you want to add a little bit of oomph to your overall get up. If you have a yellowish undertone then avoid pastels since they just might blend in too much for your skin tone to be highlighted. When it comes to pink undertones, however, pastels are a great option.

Now that you know how to choose the colour of your hijab based on your skin tone, you can shop for the right one for you!


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