Buy the LG Television at Best Prices Online

LG Television at Best Prices Online

LG sold USD 55.91 billion (KRW 59.04 trillion) in 2014. There are four business units of LG. These include Home Appliance, Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Air Solution and Vehicle Components. LG best Company in the world in manufacturing commodities. These include flat panel TVs, mobile devices, refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines. LG Electronics became   2014 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year.


In 1958, LG Electronics has established itself for making radios and TVs. In the 21st century, LG made digital TVs and other products that are much in demand. provides lates information about the products availabe under LG television

LG offers high-tech audio and video for converting television into home entertainment. This has several advantages for watching LoadedMovies and playing games in the comfort of home. LG claims that it provides lifetime experience. There are many models having unique features made for the market. The price range also varies to make them affordable.

Some of the TV models LG makes and are very proud include:

  • Since LG OLED TV works perfectly in every way, it is considered a masterpiece. The design is aesthetic and interesting. The most significant feature of LG OLED TV is it consists of numerous self-lighting pixels. Thus, the picture is very soothing to the eyes. Watching LG OLED TV gives pleasure and the experience must not be missed.
  • The LG OLED HDR / SUPER HDR are meant for supporting Dolby Vision. The TV images are brighter and sharper because of contrasting and improved colours. Dolby viewing is most popular in entertainment so the same features have been incorporated in LG TV.
  • The LG SUPER UHD TV is supposedly super quality. This model is very thin of only 6.6mm in width and looks very attractive. The TV provides a good range of colours. Also, the LG SUPER UHD TV supports the HDR contents that are also in Dolby. These billions of rich colours, Dolby vision, contrast and resolution provide the best entertainment to viewers.

In India the following models are common:

LG Full HD Television prepared a price list on 27th April 2017. This list is updated every 24 hrs. The given price in this list is the least price present all over popular e-commerce stores in India.  LG Television &  Lowest Price in India rate of this model starts from Rs. 17,490.

The same model 24LH458A is sold online store at a regular price of Rs.15,900. Television Cheapest & Lowest Price in India after the discount rate is Rs.11,990. The features of the LG TV are the size is 61 cm. It has LG LED, HD 1366 x 768. The weight of the TV is 4.7 kg and the product has a dimension of 70x17x11.5 cm. The screen size is 24 inches. The display technology is LED and it has a resolution of 1366 x 768p where the resolution is maximum 720p. The TV uses 10W. There is a warranty of one year from LG from the date of purchase. The online store installs the TV free of cost. The Company can be contacted through a toll-free number or email.

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