Duct sealing and its importance

duct sealing services

In a world where the weather fluctuates ever so much and where one can experience a warm sunny afternoon and a cold chilly night all on the same day. It is important to stay in a place where temperature is monitored and controlled. But even in such a case, where room temperatures are controlled, it is hard to have a completely efficient system where no heat or cold leaks off. Systems like air conditioning and ventilation use a ton of air and energy to deliver the cooling, heating and moving all the excess air out. Most airflow duct systems have a very inefficient flow where about 10-30 percent of all the total airflow. But this percentage of loss may seem small but in order to recover this, an additional 30 odd percent of motor power is required to generate the desired air flow. This makes the desired cooling or heating effect not reach the required space.

This leak in cooling leads to cold spots and hot spots in rooms. This leads to stuffiness through lack of air and air movement. When a room is experiencing air flow leakage there are is always never a right amount of air in the room. Leaks are a form of small seepages in the ends of the ducts and at the ends of it. Some of the leaks are fully hidden and can be found in very hard to reach spots like ceiling spaces or floor risers. Some of the technologies present in duct sealing services help prevent leakages by up to 95 percent. Such an efficient solution increases the air flow quality and makes living more comfortable. The better sealing also makes it easier to stop contamination and infiltration of diseases etc.

The systems most commonly used in homes are called the HVAC which stands for Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning system. It is a combinatory system which utilizes the same ducts and vents for both cooling and heating purposes. Most residential buildings, office spaces, ships etc utilize this system to provide ventilation all throughout the building. Private homes too have adopted this system but most of them are very inefficient and always have multiple leaks.

While duct sealing companies do a good job, sometimes miscalculations can lead to high energy usage afterward and a reduction in equipment usage. A common fix is to put duct tape or an adhesive based sealant, but this is extremely inefficient as the adhesive of the duct tape dries up over time and wears off. Water-based adhesives are a more commonly used duct sealant as it lasts longer. It is easily applied by spraying it on or brushing it. It is easy to detect a leak and fix it. Some easy signs of leakage are:

  • Bills for water, electricity and other utilities during winter and summer are above average and fluctuate.
  • Certain spots in rooms are harder to heat up or cool down.
  • Ducts located in spaces like an attached garage, crawl space, leaky floor cavity, crawl space or an unheated basement.

It is always best to get ducts sealed and restored to better living conditions and pleasant room temperatures.

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