ACL reconstruction to maintain the stability of the knee

ACL reconstruction

Bones tendons and the Cartilages

Human body is made up of at least of 206 bones. Each and every bone has a specific function to do and also the bones gives the body a particular characteristic structure. And also each have a specific name as well. These bone structure also acts as the protective structure of the body as it protects the inner organs of the body from injury and shock. Along with the bones there are other factors also that helps in this structural organization. They are the ligaments and the tendons. Ligaments help in connecting the bones to a muscle. The organization of the bone along with the muscle gives the particular conformation of the body. As the time goes and the age increasing or the phenomena of the aging sets the bones of the body get weaker and weaker. It is a normal process that is experienced by almost every one universally. Not only the bone strength goes down the strength of everything in the body reduces with time. And also the internal activities which maintains the body at an optimum level becomes very much less, which in turn makes the body feel very light and weakening. Therefore bones are very important for any human body.

ACL Reconstruction

Problem with bone can be costly. Apart from medicine the surgery of the problem can be better way to treat the problem. There are different types of surgery available with regard to a bone. Nowadays replacement surgeries are very much common. There is a new of surgery that can maintain the bone stability is the ACL reconstruction. ACL goes by the full form of anterior cruciate ligament. It is primarily done in the knee region. In this surgery the anterior cruciate ligament is reconstructed using surgical grafting technique with the help of tissue so that its function gets restored once it suffers from injury. As the aging comes into effect and also when a human body suffers from an injury this problem can be very much predominant as the knee tends to lose its stability day by day as the ligament present in that region is not functional. However any injury can also cause this type of problem. With the he help of this surgery a particular individual will be able to get back the stability in the movement of the knee. And also in particular to those activities like kicking. Weaving or pivoting. This reconstruction surgery is particularly a treatment on choice of a particular individual.

Advantages of ACL Reconstruction Surgery

There are many fundamental advantages regarding this anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery. They are the

  • Restoration in the bone stability
  • Maintaining the motion of the knee in a totally active range
  • Isometric ligament working


As the grafting method is involved before the treatment all the arrangements and the testing should be done in context to grafting. Because one of the most important problem associated with the grafting is the rejection of the graft. However in most of the cases it is autograft with patellar bone or the hamstring tendon.


If the body is kept at good shape with proper diet and exercise these type of problems can be avoided as the time sets in. ACL reconstruction cost in India is very much high and with the grafting phenomena uncertainty always remains.


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