Guide to Finding the Right Luxury Drug Rehab

Not all luxury drug rehab centers offer equally high-quality addiction treatment program. You need to do your own research to find out all about the rehab. This will open your eyes on what they are actually advertising on their brochures and help you to decide whether you should sign up with them.

A high standard drug rehab will offer a wide selection of treatment programs such as short term/long term inpatient, and outpatient options. Inpatient requires the patient to stay at the rehab for a certain period of time. Inpatient program has a minimum of 28 days length of stay but it is recommended that you stay 3 months or more to see result. How long you should stay will depend on the stage of the addiction.

Many people prefer a luxury rehab center that is located in another state as it allows them to set some distance away from their home environment that has contributed to their addictions. The problem with going out of state to receive addiction treatment is that it can be troublesome to arrange for ongoing support in your home state after you have left the facility.

Outpatient does not require the patient to check into a residence at the drug rehab. Instead, the patient continues to stay at their home but he is required to come to the center to attend classes at least once a week. With no residential cost, outpatient program is cheaper.

If the drug rehab has a program that suits you, you want to find out about the price. You also want to know what types of services the price include and how are they going to bill you for the addiction treatment program. You can try choosing a rehab that is covered by your insurance provider. If it is covered by your health insurance policy, you must ask the question how much it covers and what is the balance you should pay out of your pocket.

Finally, you must check whether the drug rehab is licensed to offer the addiction treatment services. It should have an appropriate accreditation such as JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations). The doctors and nurses that work there must have training and academic background in the relative fields.

Many people always have questions about an addiction treatment program they are interested. If you have question, you will need to call the representative to get the answers. While on the phone, you can ask about the goal of the addiction treatment program and how the treatment process work. If it is urgent, you must ask the representative whether your loved one can check in immediately.

If there is a waiting list, you must find out from them how long you should wait. Your family and friends will want to call or visit you when you check in so don’t forget to ask whether they allow visitation from them. If family visitation is allowed, you can then ask whether they can take part in the counseling session.

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