6 things you should be doing while in Hyderabad

things to do Hyderabad

Savour some Biriyani already

Would it not be a crime if I did not include biriyani in a list of famous’s of Hyderabad?
Well, there are two kinds of people in the world, the ones who love Hyderabadi Biriyani and the ones who have not tasted it yet. The Nawabs of Hyderabad have got it right when it comes to making this perfectly. Get ready to taste the authentic mouth-watering biriyani. 

Irani chai? – Yes

Ditch the starbucks and CCD coffee for some authentic Irani chai. You can find a chai kitapri at almost every nook and corner in this city. This is simply the best way to begin your day. Wake up to some delicious chai and head on a long ride on two wheels. And if you don’t have a bike there, you have no reason to worry, as you can easily rent a bike in Hyderabad from Wheel street.

Visit the Banjara Hills

This place justifies the word “grandeur”. Banjara Hills is currently home to most of the celebrities of the state, including movie actors, business personalities and politicians. It entertains youngsters and elders alike, by offering a blend of peaceful locations like parks as well as hot and happening pubs. You can zoom through this locality easily if you rent a bike in HyderabadAt this place you are sure to bump into some of the wealthiest people in the country.

Shop for some pearls

Hyderabad is also well known for its pearls. You get some of the best quality pearls here at amazingly inexpensive rates. There is a village called Chandanpet just outside of Hyderabad, where these pearls are drilled, boiled, bleached and dried. You can best some of the best quality and authentic pearls in Krishna pearls.

Visit the landmarks of Hyderabad

Charminar, the architectural marvel of the Golconda fort and the HussaiSagar lake. These three are the trademark places of Hyderabad and are situated like the vertices of a triangle. Every tourist who visits this city has these 3 on the must visit list.
The Charminar was named literally after the 4 minarets that the structure has, it was built in the late 16th century, after which, Hyderabad was chosen as the capital as compared to Golconda before that.
It is a huge fort that is now in ruins. It tells the tales of several brave battles and culture in the ancient times.
The Hussain Sagar lake, is a man-made water body, which is home to the world’s biggest Monolithic statue of Lord Buddha.
They are all within 35-40 mins ride from each other. The best way to cover all these places would be to rent a bike from a nearby location and ride to these places.

Jaokabhi haveli pe

Do not forget to visit the Purani Haveli in the city. This place belongs to the golden era of Hyderabad. If history is your cup of tea, then this is the place for you to be. It showcases dreamy designs, exquisite artwork and sculpture of that era.

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