Avail the Right Visa for Your Future

Avail the Right Visa

There are different types of visas out there that can be availed for your future. These visas would help you settle, go on holiday or work in another country. Of course, many people are there who have a dream to go to another land; a land that is beyond the boundary of their own country.

Of course, in this present era, it is not at all difficult to go to another country and work or live therein. But yes, you have to possess the right option and should have proper knowledge. You can make sure that you get the best of everything with the right guidance.  There are different visas like permanent residence visa, direct entry stream 186, work holiday visa and so on. You can pick one that suits your needs and apply the application right away.

Is it an easy affair?

Well, to be honest, it is not really an easy task. You have to be prepared about everything only then you can end up with the right procedure and then fruitful outcome. When you apply for any type of visa or other program for going to another country; you have to be equipped with needed information. You should be equipped with the procedure and entire deadlines that are to be paid attention. A single error in the procedure can turn out to be a sad thing for you.

 Now if you are planning for Australia’s Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) 186 Visa, you should know everything about it. It is a permanent employer sponsored visa having three streams namelythe Temporary Residence Transition stream, Direct Entry stream and Agreement stream.You have to find out which suited you or in which you can fit in.

The ENS Temporary Residence Transition stream permits applicants to apply for permanent residence once they have worked for their employer in Australia for two years.However, this ENS Direct Entry stream does not require you to work for the employer in Australia for two years ratherit asks for an official skills assessment.Usually, the Direct Entry stream requires an individual to have:

  • At least three years of work experience in your occupation.
  • A formal skills assessment in the occupation you have.

Skills assessments varydepending on your occupation and it is extremely important to have a detailed knowledge of these needs before you decide to go ahead with any application of ENS Direct Entry stream. Generally a formal qualification is required. But, in some instances, it might be possible to get a qualification via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Remember that there are some occupations that ask for work experience coupled with a formal qualification for Direct Entry stream skills assessment.  Frequently such a work experience requirement is between one and four years, but occasionally much more work experience might be needed.You have to complete the skills assessment before you lodge your Visa application. Skills assessments can take a couple of months to process, hence it is important to start this part of application process earliest possible.


Thus, you can always go for employer nomination subclass 186 once you have the proper knowledge and you are eligible for it.

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