Things not to be Packed While Going abroad

Packed While Going abroadPacked While Going abroad

When a student goes to study abroad for the first time, he has to pack many things. Most of them are useful but some are not. The students get help from the consultants for study abroad. Some things become useless when the student reaches his destination and opens his baggage. It also happens that student finds somethings that were useful but he has not brought. Let us see some of these things, which can be useless while going abroad.

Bed sheets and blankets

These are the items, which take much space in a baggage. Even if they are well folded, still they take much space. A student shall know that the university he is going to join will provide him all the beddings and blankets along with other such things that a student will need. If the university does not provide, they can purchase such linen from the campus itself rather than packing them in the bag.

Shampoo and soap

These items will also be provided by the university and if not then one can buy it. A student can carry one or two soaps and shampoo of his brand and when they are finished, he can buy a new one. If the student will bring more, it could make the baggage unnecessarily heavy.  The student can find most of the brand at a cheaper rate so rather than taking a lot of them one or two will suffice.


Hangers are not much weighted but due to their shape, packing them would be difficult. These hangers may also pull your clothes. So instead of packing it, the students can buy them. All types of hangers are available whether it is for males or for females.


Before going abroad, one must check out the weather of the place and do packing accordingly. Packing must be done according to weather of the country where the university or college is located. In some countries, there is very hot weather while in others it is cold. Some countries also have all kinds of weather. So packing should be done accordingly.


Boys usually do not pack to many pairs of shoes and slippers but girls do so. Theypack many pairs and some of them can be wrong, as those types of shoes may not suit in the destination. In some countries roads are made up of cobblestones while in others, road may be in the form of dirt. In such places, high heel sandals will not be a good choice.

Beauty Kit

A student does not have to pack his entire beauty kit in her baggie as this will make it heavy and may cause inconvenience. The student should pack only a few small things as rest of them she can get in her destination country.


A student should not pack jewelry and valuables as there can be a situation that they are lost or could be stolen. Valuable things should be left at home even if it is the favorite as leaving them is better than losing them.

So, you should consider above things when you planning to pack for study abroad.You can find many abroad education consultants to get visa or other important information which you might don’t know.

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