A Step-By-Step Guide to Buy a Japanese Used Car in Singapore!

Buy a Japanese Used Car in Singapore

Have you been searching for a reliable vehicle which comes with a low budget? Are you facing difficulties to know which car could ideally fill all your needs? So, have you search for a Japanese used vehicle?

Although it’s every driver’s dream to buy a brand new vehicle. However, with lots of other financial responsibilities together, it’s not possible to own one that easy. But with the availability of Japanese used vehicles today, prospective car owners in Singapore can make a huge benefit buying one for themselves.

Investing in a Japanese used vehicle saves you a handsome amount of money in the long term. Not only these vehicles provide their customers with high performance on the roads, they are equally durable, reducing the overall maintenance cost over the years.

So, here we present you a comprehensive checklist containing which things to consider when buying a Japanese used vehicle in Singapore. Following them will help you earn the ultimate benefits of owning one over time.


The very first stage is to fix a budget. Being a customer in need of a vehicle it’s important to know how much you can afford and constantly remind yourself not of exceeding it.

A typical budget buying a used car from Japan not only comprise of the unit cost itself. It also includes any import duties and taxes that you need to pay for actually getting the car at Singapore.

So make a realistic budget for buying your car!

Research Online

Just as you know how much you can actually afford to buy. It’s time to begin a comprehensive search of your vehicle.

When you will be going through your search online, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions that can help you get some good choices: What type of cars do you actually want to buy? Which features are most important to you? Which manufactured year vehicle do you want?

Only once you know the answers to these questions and others similar. You can get a useful options of cars that you actually need.

Create a Shortlist

After you have a got a rough data of the vehicles you want to buy by considering their price, model, body, type and their respective car traders. It’s now time to create a shortlist for yourself.

This shortlist would help you assist retain and eliminate the available choices based you’re your preferences. As you would find numerous Japanese used cars available from different car traders online.

Get in Touch With Car Trader

Once you know which vehicle is the most suitable one for you. You should connect with its seller online for any useful information you want to obtain about this vehicle.

You might like to ask them these questions: Does the car had any sort of damages? Has the car ever been in an accident? Does the car have any issues which are not visible in the pictures provided?

Knowing the answers to these questions will not only help you know the overall condition of the vehicle but would also tell you a lot about the car trader itself.

Go through the Car’s History

It’s quite important to thoroughly review the car’s history, so you are quite sure what are you actually buying.

Often car traders provide their customers with an inspection sheet so the customers can look into the specific details of the vehicles. You simply need to inspect the information provided on the sheet so you can decide whether your chosen vehicle is up to your required standard or not.

Payment Procedures and Paperwork

Once you have decided which vehicle you want to buy. It’s time to look for the payment options that are currently available and know all the paperwork that is involved in getting your car into Singapore.

Often customers are required to pay through bank telegraphic transfer, but it’s good to know other forms of payment through which you could also complete the process. Whichever payment method you use, don’t forget to keep the copy, which you need to send to your car trader as a proof of payment.

Just after your car trader receives your payment they will begin preparing for shipping your vehicle in the first available vessel. Meanwhile sending you all the original documents you would require to get your car get cleared from the port in Singapore.

Buying a Japanese used car in Singapore is simply an excellent decision you will be making. And following this guide will simply make the overall process a lot simpler than it’s actually perceived.

Author Bio:

Akira Thomson is currently associated with a well-established Japanese car importer in Singapore. During his leisure time he writes educating his readers regarding the benefits that are associated with a buying a Japanese used vehicles around the world.

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