What is an inverter technology in washing machines?

inverter technology in washing machines

Nowadays, washing machines integrated with inverter technology, or direct drive, are considered to be more efficient than indirect drive. But merely believing in the fact is not enough. You should know the details about both the drives, direct and indirect. Finally, you will be able to differentiate between two technologies.

Here’s a write-up informing the audience about the inverter technology that is prevalent in washing machines. When you are planning to purchase a washing machine, you should read washing machine buying guide properly. This article is an excerpt from the buying guide.

What is Direct Drive or Inverter Technology?

Direct drive technology consists of a shaft directly connecting a motor and the drum in the washing machine. The absence of all type of loads such as pulleys, belts, brushes, etc simplifies the mechanism. As a result, the load on the ball bearings in the shaft is drastically reduced, thereby, increasing the efficiency of the washing machine. The motor and the drum are aligned on the same axis. The perfect alignment is necessary for efficient functioning of the mechanism.

The important aspect to note is that the voltage is not supplied directly via external network but from theinverter. This is necessary to control the engine speed so that torque can be changed according to the load in the drum.

What is Indirect Drive Technology?

Indirect drive technology connects the motor and the drum with the assistance of a pulley system. A combination of the shafts, pulleys, and belts rotates the drum. The motor shaft and the drum shaft are aligned parallel to each other.

The addition of the components increases the load on the washing machine, thereby, slightly reducing the efficiency. On the contrary, the indirect drive technology can impart varying speed of rpm. Hence, it comfortably yields varying motor/pump ratio to handle different type of loads.

Benefits of Using Inverter Technology

  • Reduced Noise and Vibrations – As the additional components are removed, the functioning of the mechanism is simplified. The elimination of carbon brushes, direct connection between themotor and the drum shaft, and absence of belts control the noise produced during operation. The removal of brushes is a significant step towards reducing the point of failure.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear – Since the number of components is reduced, the possibilities of wear and tear is significantly reduced. While this aspect is true, direct drive technology is also subjected to wear and tear. There is a shelf life or operating life of the machine components. After a certain period of operation, certain components require replacement. If you consider belts and pulleys, they can endure strenuous situations for a longer duration.
  • More load – Since more power is transferred via direct drive technology, it can handle greater loads with efficiency. The number of components and this improves the energy efficiency. More energy is transferred via a motor shaft to the washing machine drum.

Most of the manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Electrolux, and others are developing washing machines incorporating direct drive technology. You can invest your money in these washing machines to experience superior technology. Purchase these from shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, and others.

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