Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning a Rug

Cleaning Rug

Homeowners usually replace carpeting on the regular basis before things start turning up worse. If you have got the good quality rug, it’s likely to last at least 10 year or even more. Unfortunately, many people do not have enough idea about How to Clean a Rug that’s they end up practicing the insufficient cleaning methods. In order to revive your rug back to its newer version, hiring the professional cleaners is viable option but homeowners can do it by themselves.

There are tons of online resources educating about How to Clean a Rug but very few of them spot over the mistakes the people usually make while cleaning. So just read on to discover about what are the most common mistakes anyone could possibly makes should be avoided;

Not Regularly Cleaning a Rug

Although, taking your hard rug from an entire cleaning process can be daunting. But still, giving it a vacuum session at least once a week would simply be great. If it’s the large rug, just Vacuum one quadrant at a time and few slow passes would help eradicate all the dirt. The heavy traffic areas of the rug are usually painted with overlapping strokes. Just make sure to vacuum it in a crisscross pattern. In order to combat the smell, you can use the baking soda to the vacuum bag or it can even be canister.

Not Cleaning Spills and Spots

It’s not like you are deliberately not serious about getting rid of all such stubborn spots but those spots were supposed to be cleaned right after the spill occurred. It’s essential to always clean these right away before they dry. Simply start with blotting the affected area. It’s suggested to first try this out on the corner just to check that the solutions won’t bleach or discolor the fibers. Make sure to apply the spot cleaner appropriately from the outside.

To dry the rug, just lay down the white bath towel, once dried; just brush the rug fiber so they are standing up again. Rug would surely be having some odor in it, just lay down an odor removing powder and let it sit for few minutes. Simply then vacuum it that will remove the entire stubborn odor (if any).

Avoiding the Deep Cleaning

Even when looking for the options on How to Clean a Rug, people often neglect the deep cleaning. They might have their “good” reason for that but it’s essential to rent a shampoo machine when the rug gets stinky as well as sticky. For this, homeowners can either hire the professional cleaning company or that would be great if they do it themselves. If case the homeowners take a charge of this, it’s recommended to start with vacuum and spot-cleaning first.

As per the instructions, prepare the cleaning machine then make the single strokes over the carpet surface. Make sure to wipe away any cleaner from furniture while applying with the light touch. Finally, just fluff the fibers a bit and leave it until it’s completely dry.


Have you been cleaning rug by yourself earlier? There are few mistakes that you might be making.

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