Interesting and Effective Car Detailing Tips for All

Car detailing can help your car stand out from the crowd. You may have seen some masterpieces while visiting car shows, auctions, national conventions, and other events, but you should know that even you can make your car look great without having to go through a lot of hassle. A well-planned detail job can turn your car into something special. When it comes to detailing a car, you need to pay attention to both interior and exterior detailing. This will help maintain the value of your car and keep it in perfect shape as well.


  • Start by vacuuming the interior. If you travel with your pet, you will have to spend some time taking care of any pet hair in the car. It could become quite frustrating to deal with excessive pet hair. You can make use of several small tools to pull out hair from the carpet fibers. Use some small devices to “rake” the hair toward you and then use the vacuum cleaner to get it out.
  • Pay special attention to clean upholstery and carpets and always start with the driver’s area. This will help you handle the rest of the task with ease.
  • Clean everything else inside your car and then move on to the windows. This will prevent soiling of the windows while you will be taking care of door panels and headliners. Once you have completed window cleaning only then should you be moving to interior dressing and conditioning. Be sure to lower the windows first and then start cleaning from the top edge.
  • Take special care when using some interior cleaner because it would fog the plastic if you end up leaving some on the clear plastic panel.
  • Consider removing the seat when you are dealing with heavy carpet soiling situations. This will make it easier to access the soiled area. It will certainly take some time to remove those seats, but it is certainly worth the time and effort.


  • Start by washing the lower areas first, such as kick panels, wheel wells, wheels, and so on.
  • Consider claying the horizontal panels before moving on to waxing or sealing. You can use clay bars during the wash, but you will be better off washing the car first in case you are dealing with heavy fallout.
  • Dress the trim properly, including plastic and rubber pieces close to painted surfaces. Dress the tires before you proceed with sealing or waxing.
  • Dress the wheel wells. You can do it by spraying diluted or inexpensive dressing into them.

The fact of the matter is that paying attention to a few car detailing tips can help keep you away from spending so much money to ask a professional to detail your car. You can save money by doing it yourself and it will certainly be quite gratifying once you have completed the task and see the results of your hard work.  You may consider asking a professional for help if your car is in a real bad condition and needs serious detailing help.

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