These 9 Ways will Dramatically Boost Workplace Productivity

There are many factors that can affect workplace productivity. Even things that seems too simple can play a greater role in affecting performance of employees. Therefore, it is crucial for the business management to carefully consider all the potential factors and ensure that the situation doesn’t go out of control. They should carefully research and identify all sources of trouble that might have been hindering workplace productivity in the worst possible manner and take the immediate action to control them soon after they have begun.

Keep in mind that your employees are the most precious assets. So, you should take care of them just as you do an asset in the best possible manner. This blog post will highlight some humane yet smart ways through which you might be able to boost your workplace productivity. Let’s dive in.

  1. Disallow all the Motivation Killers

Probably you’ll have many in your list that belongs to this category. You have to identify them carefully. Once you figure out them, politely warn them to change their attitude in your workplace and stop hampering employees’ productivity. Tell them that spreading negativity is contagious and they should avoid doing it.

Removing such motivation killers from your organization can greatly contribute towards the betterment of the organization. So, review the whole organization carefully, identify the possible issues and come up with perfect solutions.

  1. Promote an Exciting Work Culture

Almost every employee wants to work in a positive work environment where they can work with peace of mind for their allotted working hours. A workplace culture that shows appreciation and recognition to their employees and gives employees opportunities for further skill developments is an ideal place to work. Productivity will eventually increase in such positive, exciting workplace environments for sure.

  1. Promote Gamification

Promoting gamification is another amazing way to boost the motivation level of employees. As unmotivated and devalued employees lose all interest and don’t take their job seriously. This usually happens due to monotonous routines; therefore, it is important to change the routine for a real reason.

When you observe low motivation levels among your employees, try implementing things to motivate them in every best way possible. Gamification can be an exciting way to motivate your devalued employees.

Here gamification means: the use of points, rankings, challenges and different sorts of activities to make every single day interesting and repetitive tasks engaging and exciting. You’ll be surprised to see the ways through which such things bring a big transformation in your workplace. This way, you’ll get the efficiency you wanted. 

  1. Set Bonus Based on Performance

Performance based bonuses can really take your employees to the level of perfection, while increasing productivity level at the same time. These small incentives act as a great source of motivation, which will in turn increase workplace productivity exponentially to the level of excellence. So, always take such incentives as an investment that will produce high ROI.

  1. Setting up Clean Milestones

Believe it or not, an employee will be more motivated if he clearly knows what he is supposed to do at work. He will be more comfortable in his job if he is assigned a clear goal. Using a task management tool is the key to benefit your workforce in a general sense. Using a task management tool allows you to assign tasks with a deadline so that your employees are well-informed with their tasks and deadlines. This way, you employees take ownership and know that they are being judged on the basis of their task reports and achievements.

  1. Acknowledge Small Accomplishments

Since, I already discussed that employees love to be recognized and appreciated on basis of their hard work, determination and commitment. The management should take notice of such efficient employees and recognize their accomplishments even if they are not related to workplace activities.

For instance, if your workplace has an employee who play table tennis very well, don’t hesitate to recognize his accomplishments in front of the whole organization. Such small things can really act a source of motivation and can take productivity to a whole new level.

  1. Provide a Safer Place to Work

The management should bring in strict policies to make the office safer from any sorts of unsafe activities, be it a type of natural or human disaster or any form of abuse. Policies for fire prevention, policies against sexual harassment and many more can make employees feel safer at work. And the safe workplace environment is the productive environment of course as it promotes peace of mind. If you haven’t created such policies yet, it is advised to consider them as soon as possible.

  1. Value Your Employees at every Level

It is important that your workforce must feel their values. They should understand the fact that what they do matter most to the management, regardless of their position and level.

Productivity level can be affected if your employees feel a connection gap between the top management and themselves. Therefore, it is highly advised to instill a positive and encouraging attitude even towards the employee at the lowest level. Equal employee treatment would lead the organization towards success.

  1. Communication is Must

Communication is indeed an effective tool for any sort of business operations. If you don’t collaborate enough with your workforce, you will naturally fail to achieve your business objectives. With less or no collaboration, you might even face difficulty to perform your business operations properly.

So, communicate with your employees promptly, use a collaboration tool, take their feedback and create a clear plan of action. Your workplace productivity will improve.


All in all, maintaining and improving workplace productivity is certainly not an easy feat. Unless you have a proper place of action. Follow the above-cited points strictly and you’ll definitely be able to increase your productivity levels in no time.

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