Crucial aspects of a successful outbound calling script

successful outbound calling

Advancement in technology has taken over the field of sale and marketing. The traditional strategy of knocking door to door so as to promote your product is long gone. The marketing blueprint has upgraded to phone calls. Businesses nowadays practice outbound calling to promote their offerings. Their representatives initiate telephonic conversations with potential customers so as to promote various products and services. However, getting the attention of a customer is a painful task. If you are all determined to make back to back sale, then get ready to get disheartened.

Outbound call centre agents face disappointment on a daily basis while making calls. You can approach this dilemma with ease if you follow some basic guidelines while making a call. A good and profoundly scripted outbound calling script will probably pull you out from numerous disappointed calls. Although these guidelines could be modified according to your convenience and creativity, the mandatory job here is to lure your customer, no matter what tactics you apply.

In this technologically-driven world, some manual hard work is appreciated. Connecting with customers and vivid relationship with clients guide the growth of any industry or business. Proper and transparent outbound calling script allows customers to pay attention to the message you are trying to convey. It is not as tough as many describe it. You have to just wait for the right time to make the sale.

Take care of these few points while making an outbound call.

  • A very fundamental mistake that an outbound call centre agent displays is introducing oneself in the first place. Psychology plays a weird role when it comes to human mind. It is considered to be the same beyond premises. When you hear a voice that you do not recognize on a phone you desire to know something more about that person. Start with just a casual welcoming note like ‘Hi Mr. XYZ’. This strategy works every time because a full introduction at the beginning degenerate the customers’ interest and you fall prey to call-drops.
  • The next step is to introduce yourself once you get a response. Make it brief and precise. Many outbound calling agents rush through the introduction part. Such introduction is perplex and leaves the customer wondering what you just said. Keep it slow, and let the customer catch-on your name and the name of the firm. Just like a proper introduction of the character in a theater, it is important to tell your customer who you are.
  • Keep the basic talk for the follow-up calls once you have built a relationship with the customer. Talking hogwash will impact the customer negatively. The third step is to tell your customer the purpose of your call whether you are calling to sell a product or is it just a verification call and so on. Demonstrating the purpose of your call is a sign of professionalism. So, retain you professionalism and save the little talks for follow-up calls.
  • Sometimes the customer might be busy. In such cases, ask them for their e-mail id or ask them to allot a time period when the representative could make a call and discuss the product or service.
  • While making a call, your subject i.e. the customer, is on the other side of the river. Build a bridge to reach them (metaphorically). This is the process when you walk your customer through the benefits of your product or service and why he/she must care to listen to you. Convince them by stating examples like ‘…our major clients are A, B, C and they have highly appreciated our work. We have helped them achieve sales like no others…’
  • The last step is to close the deal. Only a satisfied customer will hold onto your call this long. Grab the opportunity at once. Ask what you want. Sometimes the customer or client might be perplexed. Persuade him/her with further assistance. Walk them through a passage of beneficial conditions of the product. A successful outbound calling agent will never give up on his target customer once he/she has invested so much time.

Researches have proven that 98% of the customers find outbound calling ‘angering’ and ‘alarming’ at the beginning. Disappointment lies in the caller and not in the means of calling. Lack of proper training and script building tactics are some of the major drawbacks. Improve the quality of script with these few points to become a better outbound calling service provider.

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