Business life and numbers should always be distinct

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A virtual phone number also called as direct inward dialing is a technology.  These days’ virtual phone numbers are preferred over and above the personal mobile lines for business. Although these personal lines are easy to set up, affordable, convenient but it is rightly said getting out of the comfort zone always helps, so it is acceptable at the initial stages of the business but gradually we have to adapt according to the changing business environment.

Why Personal phone numbers should always be kept for personal use and not for business use

These two aspects of life should not be confused, personal life should be kept personal and professional as professional, same is the case for the business numbers. Using your personal number for business might be a hassle free things but surely inefficient on the part of the business.

Problems incurred using your personal number as a business number

  • Havoc to work- life balance

If personal numbers are used for business purpose the work life balance would be destroyed, you will be too accessible to your clients. So it’s better to use a business phone number so that You can easily configure the system to forward calls to you and your employees depending on the time, day of the week. Working hard is good but one need to have a personal space to avoid work life complexity.

  • Personal information under stake

By using the personal numbers, your personal information is under constant threat from hackers, scammers. The society is full of wrong people who can misuse your information who can harm you professionally as well as personally. So why to risk all this information by advertising your personal number to the public at large. There are so many things attached to your personal number like your OTPs, bank accounts, passwords, social media accounts, all this would be  risked and would be easily accessible, so how the  virtual number would help in this condition is it would forward the calls to your chosen device , therefore, any threat will be directed at the servers of your virtual service provider which are well equipped to handle such things.

  • You will be stuck with the number for life

So, this would mean one number for everything, you professional and personal life .This number would be linked to your personal as well as business bank accounts. This number would be your identity, your one stop identifications by banks, so thought of changing it would be a problem, a big mess. This would affect a business at a large scale, because any business call unattended would be a huge problem. So number should be kept different for business and private affairs. Here virtual business number will save you a lot of trouble; you can change your personal number anytime you want, without any hassle. Inconvenience of switching the mobile numbers would be over.

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