Are Digital Colleagues Redefining the Future of Corporate Call Center?

A recent study said that by the year 2022, global businesses will spend over $ 407.1 billion on contact centers. The main amount would be vested in enhancing customer service support. This shows the importance big businesses are giving to call centers.

This paramount importance enjoyed by corporate call centers creates a great pressure on call centers to revamp their services with digital colleagues. It is a usual perception that seven out of ten consumers builds a brand presence based on the customer services that they get.

This really pushes big brands to think that how they can improvise on their services. Does solely depending on human resources will do the needful? The answer might not be that positive, especially in the virtual world that we are heading towards.

In today’s date, many companies are going for cognitive Artificial Intelligence. That’s what I am referring to in this article as Digital Colleague. Let’s take a sneak peek into the advantages of incorporation of AI at Corporate Call Center:

Better customer experience with Digital colleagues

Customers don’t like waiting and hopping between service calls. Also, they do not like to hear repeated information. Mainly because it wastes their time and make them feel irritated at the end of the day. This problem can be solved easily by hiring digital colleagues. I mean incorporating software that uses artificial intelligence, which is programmed to behave like human beings. Presently, we have auto-recorded voice services for customers. But, these lack human feel to it. They just say things in a set format. However, when it comes to Artificial Intelligence platforms, the programmers are created to add a sense of human feel to it. You will feel as you are conversing with a real human being. They can have a two-way conversation and are also equipped to solve various problems. However, the technology still has to evolve.

Digital colleagues help you resolve issues fast

Digital Colleagues helps you resolve issues at a rapid rate. There are many platforms that are coming up these days that run on AI and can provide you with all the historical data. These data will mark as a stepping stone to an enhanced customer experience. You can use the data to see how the past issues were resolved. Also, ensuring that those issues do not happen again. Example of such a platform is Amelia which uses Artificial intelligence for giving improved customer experience.

Digital colleagues can gauge customer sentiment

Through the interference of Artificial Intelligence, one can gauge customer sentiment. How much time they have to spend on calls? Do they have to give an answer to repeated questions most of the time?

Key takeaway

In the end, AI products are coming onto the market. This will really help you build a better brand. This is because the advent of digital colleagues will solve many problems that humans are not able to manage efficiently. Mainly the tonal and emotional issues that come with a part of being human. Although corporate call center agents are also well-trained to speak politely to customers. However, not all the time it is possible for them to be at their best. Thus, incorporating digital colleagues will improve the future of the corporate call center.

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