How to Apply Online for Engineer Loan?

Engineer Loan

Bajaj Finserv has introduced Engineer Loans, the first of its kind in the industry and promises numerous unparalleled benefits to its customers. With us, you can avail a financial loan of a minimum of 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs at convenient and affordable interest rates that are definitely lower than the market rate. The loan repayment tenure offered to you is 60 months. While the world has made a quick swerve to the web and online is preferred by all, you can apply for Engineer Loan online in a few easy steps.

Before you proceed to apply for an engineer loan, make sure you fulfill the eligibility criteria. It is simple and specific. You need to be 26 years of age or above to avail this small business loan. You must be a self-employed engineer or a consultant engineer, by profession, who has a work experience of minimum 3 years in the case of a self-employed work field and 5 years in the case of vintage experience since the time of your graduation. You could also check your eligibility index with the personal loan eligibility calculator devised by Bajaj that helps you understand if you are eligible for the loan and how much amount you are entitled to, after taking into account your credit position.

It is best you are well acquainted with benefits of an Engineer Loan and terms and conditions before you apply for the loan in question. Not only can you easily apply for our loans online, but you can also keep a track of your transactions, payment schedules and outstanding loan value with the click of a button. We also allow you to pay the interest component of the monthly EMIs and you can pay the principal amount at the end of the year, at your convenience. You can also convert this line of credit into a regular time at any point in your tenure. This allows you to also prepay a certain amount of your loan. We value your time and recognize the urgency you might be in! While you can avail a pre-approved loan if you are a customer, do not worry if you are not one. Our loans get approved within 24 hours. Once your loan is approved, our officials shall get in touch with you to collect a list of documents that include your KYC details, application form, photographs, and certificate of practice, engineering degree and vintage business proof. Your loan shall be approved within 3 working days at the most.

To apply online, you must visit and you shall have to choose which category you belong to – salaried, self-employed or business. For an Engineer loan, you shall click the self-employed category and choose engineers. You shall be required to fill an application form after you have checked the terms and conditions, benefits awarded, eligibility criteria and other relevant details. Avail the maximum benefits and privileges while you apply for the loan exclusively suited to fulfill your needs.

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