6 Effective Measures to Generate Potential Lead Through IVR

Generate Potential Lead

Do you remember the call you recently made to enquire about your new cell-phone problem? Then you also remember that a robotic lady-like voice that instructed you to follow her if you want to speak to a live customer care agent. It might have sounded something like this; “Welcome to Mobile city…to register a complaint press 4, to speak with our agent press 5, to go to the main menu press # …” Advancement of technology is speaking to you. It is an IVR, Interactive Voice Response. This technology allows a computer to communicate with mankind through the use of voice and DTMF (Dual-tone-multi-frequency-signaling) tones input thru keypads. It is a concept to generate lead for companies since 1970s. There are two basic types of IVR and they are inbound and outbound. Inbound IVR is used to streamline incoming call from customers and is typically designed to direct callers to an organisation’s call centre. Outbound IVR is an automatic process that communicates with customer through a phone-based communication where an individual receiving the call is prompted to communicate with the IVR.

The IVR system could be used by vendors providing lead generation services. The purpose of an IVR is to take telecommunication input, process it and finally return a result, whereas the job of an automated attendant is to direct calls. However, an IVR directing those calls to generate leads requires manual efforts and there are 7 effectives’ guidelines to follow in order to generate lead through IVR.

  1. Answer IVR calls within 60 minutes

Customers always appreciate punctuality; they always tell you how enthralled they are when you call them promptly. According to studies, it is suggested that a lead generation service provider makes the highest amount of lead by answering their IVR call within a short time. The more you consume time to process the call high is the chance to lose a potential customer.

  1. Give customers to the option of interacting with live agents

Assist customers with the option to interact with live agents. These customers are known as HotLeads. HotLeads are the best-quality leads for the industry providing lead generation services.  They are motivated and stirred to walk the extra painful mile of pressing the extra key to talk with a live agent.

  1. Agents must be available at least 13 hours a day

It is not always possible for an organisation to facilitate their office hours with 24*7 customer support. But at least 13 hours work process is a convenient way to look into their problems because the best leads will escalate after 5 p.m. People come back from their work and check the list at that time and therefore it is the right time to call for a price.

  1. Expect seasonal call volume

Be ready to take massive calls during seasons. Such times are good for buying and selling goods and therefore people are in the mood to buy items.

  1. Prepare to call back or when receiving ranting calls

Professionalism for the marketing firm is the key to success. Agents must be prepared to call back their customers every time. Clients want to know that are dealing professionals who has the knowledge of the market on the tip of his tongue. On the contrary they must be ready to take hot headed customer calls.

  1. Incorporate unique selling tactics into all your recordings

A unique selling tactic always works in generating leads. Agents must follow script but still sound authentic and there must be a facility to incorporate these tactics into all the recording for further training session. Learn and apply them to receive guaranteed sale, easy exist listing, flexible fee.

Automatic voice-based marketing technologies sort marketing dilemmas by enabling them to build IVRs themselves. A vendor offering lead generation services makes it simple to build a unique and well-tailored IVR for each campaign, just as an organisation would origanise their marketing permutation with email and landing pages.

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