5 Key Telephone Answering Etiquettes

Answering the phone is a thing which is done by all in some way or the other. The telephone has become such an indispensable part of our everyday lives that our daily routine is incomplete without having a conversation with our dear ones. Just like our family holds a special place in our lives, customers and other stakeholders occupy a significant position in the life of a company. Though we don’t pay a lot of attention to the way in which we converse with our closed ones, businesses aren’t spoilt for this privilege as they have to pay special attention to the way they establish communication with their stakeholders. Be it a live receptionist or a 24 hour telephone answering service, etiquettes of responding to the calls are vital to learn. Adequate mannerisms ensure that the communication will flow seamlessly and that the customers will receive the attention which they desire.

As communicating with customers is a common phenomenon which is being followed by businesses, the need of exhibiting etiquettes increases manifolds. In fact, businesses can’t afford to keep their reputation at stake by opting for unprofessional behavior via telephonic mediums. This makes it even more important for them to understand the mannerisms and follow them.

This article highlights five of the most essential etiquettes which 24 hour telephone answering service must follow while addressing the concerns of customers.

Answering the phone promptly: 
Callers abhor waiting for someone to pick up the phone. Also, if your customer calls and you’re unable to address them then they’ll hardly give you another chance to serve them again. Your customers are your biggest asset and when they reach out to you, you must always be there to address their concerns. Answering the phone within a few rings shows that you genuinely care and appreciate the time of your callers.

Tone is important: 
This is the smallest thing which can end up making the biggest impact. Whether it is your receptionist or a 24 hour telephone answering service, usage of a friendly tone is really important to make a profound impact on the caller. Also, being polite and showcasing one’s positive side sets the mood and comforts the customers to carry on the conversation further.

Being a good listener: 
If there is one attribute of phone etiquettes which is undermined the most then it has to be this one. In order to carry a meaningful conversation, the ability to listen is even more than important than the willingness to speak. Listening attentively is a trait which not all the people possess but it is surely one of the most vital abilities which are an indispensable part of telephone etiquettes. By doing so, the caller gets an opportunity to state their apprehensions and this enables the agents to provide them with appropriate solutions.

Use the hold button: 
While transferring the call to the necessary person or department, it is always a good option to seek the approval of the caller and then put the call on hold. Even if something needs to be discussed with a colleague to provide adequate answers to the caller, one must make it a habit to put the call on hold.

Avoid any kind of interruptions during the conversation: 
The worst thing which any receptionist or representative of a 24 hour telephone answering service can do is to talk to someone else while the customer is still on the call. Always remember that when you’re talking to someone over the phone, you must always finish the conversation with them first and then move on to doing other tasks or talking to someone else.

Seemingly small habits can turn out to be a matter of life and death when it comes to customers. Aforementioned five etiquettes are a must to follow while addressing the concerns of stakeholders.

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