Which Credit Card Companies Offer Price Protection Policy?

We often look for the best deals around us before making a purchase. Most of the purchases today are made online. But, do you know that you can get the difference of the purchase price you paid for, in case there is a price decrease shortly? You can now avail this feature on your credit card! For this, you would need a Price Protection Insurance, in case your credit card doesn’t avail this facility and keep your saving game on.

Benefits of Purchasing Price Protection Insurance

Price protection coverage has some benefits that can save some of your money. The benefits are:

  • It skips the hustle of price comparison.

  • It saves time during the purchase process.

  • The discount amount is refunded in your account as soon as you claim it.

  • You can avail the best future deals on your present purchases.

  • No long queues during sales.

  • No time in tracking the prices, it automatically credits the amount once claimed.

  • Availed on four monthly purchases, thus balances the monthly savings and budget.

  • You can avail the items immediately without worrying about the premium price.

Credit Card Companies That Offers Price Protection Policy

Many credit card companies have inbuilt benefit along with the purchase of credit card while in some you need to pay extra for availing the benefit. Following credit cards provide the price protection policy:

Citi Double Cash Card: Citi Card has the best price protection policy. It has 60 days limit of price fluctuation from the date of purchase. But one needs to check the claim amount before making a purchase.

Blue Cash Card from American Express: American express has no separate policy on price protection now like it used to have before. One can claim the return of goods or price variation in case you find any fault. So, you must not misinterpret Purchase Protection with Price Protection while using the American Express Card.

Mastercard: If and only if your card has a logo of the master card on it, will you be eligible for price protection and refunds. The claim amount and days depend on the bank through which you are opting for the claim. One needs to check with the bank before making a purchase.

How Can Bajaj Finserv Help in Price Protection?

Bajaj Finserv offers some good benefits through Price Protection Insurance under its pocket insurance policies. Following are the conditions under which you can claim the amount:

  • It covers purchases up to Rs.75, 000 by paying a minimum amount of Rs.399 per annum.

  • It refunds the difference when the original present printed price is less than the amount you paid at the time of purchase, the condition being that the paid price of an item should not be less than Rs. 2500.

  • It avails both cash and credit claims. In the case of cash claims, the condition is that the purchase should be legal and should have a proper bill, representing the item.

  • The refund will be on the printed advertisement price which should be published within 30 days of purchase.

Apart from price protection insurance, Bajaj Finserv provides motor car insurance, home insurance, identity theft insurance, health insurance, travel insurance etc. One can avail multiple services under one insurance scheme.

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