Visit the Exotic Corners of Rajasthan

Exotic Corners of Rajasthan

As we all know, Rajasthan is said to be the royal state of India. So, when one has decided to spend their holidays here, then they must pick some exotic destinations that will make their holidays even better.
It is a big state and hence there are a lot of places to visit here. But if one wants to visit the Rajasthan which is less explored then these are the places that they must include in their list.


In between Udaipur and Jaipur, lies the quiet city of Bundi. The major thing to visit here is the huge Maharaja palace and a manmade lake just beside it. The beauty of this place lies in its history. It was the only territory which was independent even during the time of the British rule. But later when India became free, it became a part of the country. This place is a hub for the miniature paintings and when one steps into the Bundi palace they get to see a lot of it. In fact, the palace exhibits the royal Rajputana architecture and the elegant Elephant Gate welcomes one to the palace which was made in 1607. This city is also known as the city of step wells (locally known as Baori) as there are almost 50 of them.


If one travels a few kilometers from Baroli then they can reach to Bhaisorgarh. The fort here is located at the height of 200 feet and that too above the river of Chambal which is famous for its crocodiles. The fort is magnificent and the portion of it has been transformed to a royal resort. Here one can stay in the fort if they want a luxurious holiday. The village nearby is peaceful and one can get to know the rural culture of Rajasthan there.


This place is again located in between the cities of Udaipur and Jodhpur and this one is a very small village from where one can venture to both Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur. One can also make their stay memorable here because there is a hunting lodge here which was built in the 17th century. One can also visit the Shiva temple here where a metal statue of a Cobra is being worshipped.

Ranthambore National Park

When in Rajasthan one must visit the most popular national park here, which is the Ranthambore Park. This place is full of royal animals and it covers a huge area of a almost 1350 square kilometers. It is easy to spot the tigers here because they have a lot of them and it is a delight for the wildlife photographers. The other animals to be spotted here are sambar, sloth bears and wild boars. Tigers can be spotted the most during summers.

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