How to use Pinterest as a Lead Generating Tool?

In this digital era, the significance of social media platforms has increased more than ever. This is so because they help in making friends globally. Moreover, social networking sites can easily open the gate of success for the companies.

Social media sites have always been known for their larger user base. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are full of potential customers. Companies of all sizes try their best to generate leads via social media platforms. However, this isn’t an easy task to do so.

That’s why most of the business owners make contact with reputed lead generation call centres. Marketers always give their best when it comes to generating leads on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

On the other side, marketers start hesitating when they asked to generate leads on Pinterest. Well, generating leads on this social networking site isn’t tough as all you have to do is take care of some crucial aspects.

As per the reports, Pinterest encourages 72% of internet users to make a purchase decision. That’s why this site is deemed as a tool that can help in generating a large number of leads within a short time span.

Do you want to know how top online lead generation companies use Pinterest as a lead generating tool? Take a gander at the following pointers that will definitely help you regarding the same:

Post Infographics

Posting attention-grabbing infographics have always been the best way to promote business on Pinterest. This is so because everybody loves images. What’s more, a visual format of the products could easily attract the potential customers.

However, top online lead generation companies take this factor for granted and only post well-written blogs and articles on business-related sites. A majority of time this doesn’t bring the desired results to the table because most of the readers usually lose the interest in the middle when they read lengthy write-ups.

On the flip side, sharing high-quality images that have vital information about the products or services helps in generating the desired number of leads. Moreover, this helps in getting a lot of pins and repins, which, in turn, boosts the exposure of your brand to a bigger audience.

All in all, it is imperative to remember that images speak louder than words.

Share cover images of popular content

To generate a maximum number of leads in a short time span, many reputed lead generation call centres take the help of content marketing. This means marketers post business-related articles, how-to guides, blogs, e-books, etc. on the sites that allow guest blogging.

But marketers leave some stones unturned by ignoring the influence of Pinterest. The most cited reason behind that is marketers think that this social media site can’t increase the reach of the content because it is only for image sharing. Due to this misbelief, marketers miss a golden opportunity to generate leads.

This is so because Pinterest can also increase the reach of the popular content as all you need to do is follow some simple steps that are:

  • Upload the cover images of e-books, guides, and white papers. Make sure that all the images have the size of 735 x 1102 pixels.
  • After that, add an attention-grabbing title.
  • At last, add the link that can take the viewers to the company’s website where the whole write-up is available.

For better results, it is imperative to add hashtags that can help the Pinterest users in finding the pins easily. In addition to this, it is highly suggested to marketers to gate the content in order to get the information (prospect’s name, email address, etc.) which can be used in the lead nurturing process.

Building a relationship is important

There is no doubt that social media platforms are the great source to generate leads. But it is significant to keep one thing in mind and that is direct marketing can’t help in achieving the desired results.

This is so because potential customers never appreciate when marketers make contact only to promote products or services. Therefore, indirect marketing should be used. This means marketers should drop the selling approach and start building a relationship with the pinners.

After developing a strong bond of the trust, marketers can easily turn the Pinterest users into brand advocates, which, in turn, leads to a large number of leads.

Make use of Pinterest Ads

Pinterest allows its business account holders to buy ads. There are five different types of Pinterest ads that include ‘Promoted Pins,’ ‘Promoted Video Pins,’ ‘One-tap Pins,’ ‘Promoted App Pins,’ and ‘Cinematic Pins.’ These ads will definitely help to get quick leads.

For the sake of better results, it is highly suggested to top online lead generation companies to invest some extra money in Pinterest paid ads.

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