Top 10 Places to Visit in India & Nepal

Places to Visit in India & Nepal

As per a proverb, Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. The proverb is cent percent true. While traveling and choosing a destination, a traveler experiences end number of things, and the memories that are gathered are for lifetime. So, it is but obvious that we travelers choose different destinations, that too foreign ones, to be wealthy of experiences and memories. However, most of us often look for, or choose foreign destinations for holidays, and often tend to miss so many places and hidden treasures in our country and the neighboring ones. So, if you are an Indian or are from Nepal or any neighboring nation, here we have list of top 10 destinations in India and Nepal.

Incredible India

1 Kerala: Chembra Peak

This place in Kerala is for adventure inclined travelers. In India, Chembra Peak is one of the best offbeat or hidden destinations not known to many. Located in the Wayanad District, the peak is a perfect destination of nature lovers and adventurous trekkers. A permission is however required from the from the forst department which is for the safety of both, the trekkers as well as the wildlife.

2 Arunachal Pradesh: Ziro

Ziro is a small village in Arunachal Pradesh, and is blessed bliss, beauty, and an amazing experience to offer to the travelers. As far as you can see, you will view lush green lands and rice fields along with puffy clouds. The place is far away from known and crowded tourists. The best time to visit is during the famous Ziro  Music Festival which give platform to various singers, and the tip is to stay there as a local with locals to get the best of your holiday.

3 Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang

Well, if you want to experience the best of North East India, visit the beautiful and picturesque town of Tawang. There are passes and treks for the nature and trekking enthusiasts, there are waterfalls and lakes, and there are holy Buddhist sites as well.

4 Odisha: Talasari Beach

This place, or say, this beach is not often visited beach, but it promises to offer memories to cherish forever. Calm and peaceful shores are for those who just love to sit and relax with the sound of water. The backwaters are the main attraction.

5 Rajasthan: Bundi

Well, Rajasthan is known for its royalty and rich history. So, if you want to see the forts, temples and hawelis, visit Bundi. The best experienced would be to be a part of the Bundi Festival to have the best of both- deserts as well as colorful culture of Rajasthan along with the rich cuisine.

Beautiful Nepal

6 Chitwan National Park

Certainly, the place is for nature and wildlife lovers. To experience the best of Himalayan flora and fauna, this is the place. One might need at least two days to visit the park. As far as the accommodation is concerned, there are nice resorts for you to stay and have the best of the services.

7 Bandipur

To experience the aura of the middle ages, visit the Bandipur village. There are traditional houses, there is beauty all around. You will feel that the time has come to a halt over here. And, words are not enough to explain the magic of this place. Its 18th century architecture has a touch of European charm.

8 Nagarkot

To experience the best views of the Himalayas, Nagarkot in Nepal is a must visit. Sunrise and sunsets are not to be missed here. The place offers charming views to the Honeymooners along with various activities.

9 Langtang

If you are among the ones who love nature, who wants to explore and receive much more, Langtang in Nepal is the place for you. If you are among the adventurous travelers who love trekking, don’t miss out the Langtang valley trek. If you choose Langtang, don’t forget to experience the amazing culture of the natives of Nepal called Tamangs.  Langtang is the place of spellbound beauty.

10 Bhaktpurs

Bhaktpur has a lot to offer to the travelers from rich architecture to grand Hindu Temples. Bhaktpur is an old trade route to Tibet. It is a great shopping destination for shopaholics offering attractive things like pottery, handicrafts, souvenirs, etc.

So, besides these 10 destinations, India and Nepal have a lot to offer and satisfy all sorts of travelers. Both the countries are beautiful and have a rich history and fascinating culture with awe inspiring hospitality.

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