Tips to Learn and Practice Certain Aspects to Improve at Playing PUBG

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PlayerUnknowns Battleground is one game that’s become a popular iteration of the normal Battle Royale format players have come to expect from the industry. Just like games like H1Z1, PUBG soon became famous for its tried and tested features and some unique ones of its own. Many players who buy PlayerUnknowns Battleground know fully well what they are getting themselves into – a game jam-packed with action and thrill as they survive from the start till the end either on their own or with squad mates. A lot of the bugs and glitches that used to plague the game earlier on have been fixed with many problems removed and corrected. Today, players can buy PUBG for cheap if they can’t from Steam and jump right into this highly popular shooter that everyone’s crazy about.

Many players who play this game today will find the game easy to pick up, but will surely need to learn and practice certain aspects of it to become adept at it. There are a lot of mechanics in the game that they will be new to and will have to pick up on their own, a few that they can read up on and others that are still being discovered and practiced. Only then will any player be able to seriously improve at playing PUBG.

How can any Player Improve in the Game, After Opting to Buy PlayerUnknowns Battleground

  1. Use the Boost Items Smartly:

In PUBG, First Aid kits and Bandages only repairs a player’s health bar up to 70%. The rest 30% is topped up by consuming boost items like energy drinks, painkillers and adrenalin syringes. One of the silliest mistakes that players make is that they store their boost items and use it only when they get hurt. Instead, they should practice using their boost items smartly.
If they have survived the initial phase of the game, they would normally have about 4 to 6 boost items. Whenever they move to a new location to reach the play area, they should consume 2 boost items and keep their bar always filled. This should continue till they have only 1 or 2 remaining. The main advantage of this is that this boost will help them regenerate health while on the run, move faster and also save them time if they engage, by not having to boost separately.

  1. Select the Right Weapons:

After opting to buy PUBG for cheap and beginning to play the game, the players must realize to keep two weapons that really go well with their situation, in any setup. They must have a primary weapon that helps them engage long range like a DMR rifle, a Sniper Rifle, and a close range weapon like an automatic AR or an SMG.

They shouldn’t carry the same kind of weapon or use them for the same purpose. This would enable them to engage with opponents at long and close ranges easily without having to switch out weapons or lose gun fights.

Therefore, relying on tips such as these, almost every player can ensure that they improve in a game of PUBG and get better. They should practice all this the moment they start playing after choosing to buy PlayerUnknowns Battleground.

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