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specialist in arthritis

Your foot is considered to be the base of the human body. Probably, your foot is basically soaking in all the stress and efforts that you make daily. With age, the human body starts to get frail and energy within the bones vanishes.  Excessive walking, running, etc can contribute to certainly lead to a condition that is known as arthritis. The joints in the legs are responsible for keeping up with flexibility in the muscles. If this tender relationship between the joints and the bones worsens, arthritis develops. Mostly, older individuals tend to be more affected. While the solution is completely treatable depending on the stage of arthritis you have, individuals should definitely consult a specialist in arthritis!

What are the complex situations of arthritis according to doctors?

The case of arthritis concentrates mainly near the joints of your legs and feet. In natural cases, a shock-like situation develops, which can totally tear your feet down. In addition to that, some of the common symptoms that you will experience are as follows:

  • Excessive pain near the ankle area
  • The joins will start to distort itself
  • Inflammation within the tissues of the bones and the legs will start to take place

When in such a situation, the specialist in arthritis indicates the overall concern of the health of the individual. If effective medication is not incorporated, the case will probably lead to surgery!

Additional problems noted down by the specialist:

Arthritis naturally decreases the porosity of your bones and joints and renders them completely weak. In this situation, humans find it difficult to cope up with normal walking, taking stairs, etc. In some cases, serious issues like bunions, neuromas as well as hammertoes have formed, which is quite detrimental to one’s health. However, it is under the guidance of a specialist in arthritis that adequate solutions to the ailment can be assessed!

What are the common solutions addressed by a specialist?

The condition of arthritis should never go untreated. In simple terms, the cure for the diseases depends on which stage of arthritis the individual is currently suffering from. The medication is given based on the stages. Thus:

  1. Stage 1 consists of the starting phase of the disease. Here, the bones start to lose their porosity and gradually make the joints weak!
  2. When stage 2 reaches, it is time that you need special treatment. The joints cause pain and several side-effects are showing up!
  3. In the third stage, the specialist in arthritis recommends doing surgery of the swollen tissues.

The treatment for arthritis is, therefore, listed below:

  • The specialist in arthritis always recommends wearing high cushioned shoes. The heels in these shoes receive additional support. The padded effect can provide relief from the extremely painful condition. Since the shoes are medicated, the pain will naturally be cured slowly! Always make sure that your shoes fit properly! Never go for losing shoes or else, the pain might aggravate!
  • In cases, where you are suffering from Stage 1 arthritis, exercise is a great way to deal with the ailment. Foot care in arthritis can be dealt with if you slowly start walking without any pressure. This will give you some relaxation and the pain will naturally subside!
  • In cases of stage 2 arthritis, the specialist recommends special drugs that reduce the inflammation between the joints. The injury further subsides slowly. In case, the drugs don’t work, the final recommendation is surgery!

It is good to talk to your specialist in arthritis first before taking any step yourself. With the right steps to care, your feet will gradually showcase the difference!

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