Residential Projects in Thane – 7 Tips to Follow to Choose the Right Floor

Are you all set to buy one of the residential projects in Thane such as Pacifica Hillcrest and more? If yes, then you may find many new projects in Thane spread across major areas.

You can also go through Pacifica Hillcrest reviews along with the reviews of other projects in Thane on a property listing website for better understanding.

However, even though you may have chosen to invest in one of the new projects in Thane: you may be confused about selecting the best floor. When it comes to Thane, you could see so many high-rises adorning the landscape in the area. Thus, you may be confused about getting the right floor in such buildings.

If you are the one facing issues in selecting the right floor, then this article is for you. You can go through it to know some tips and factors that will help you opt for the right floor in a housing project in Thane.

  1. The view

If you opt for a higher floor in a high rise, then you will surely be blessed to get a better view, especially if it is located in a scenic place. If you think the views from your floor matters, then you should go for higher floors.

  1. Rental income

Many studies have confirmed that if you have invested in any of the residential projects in Thane, then it will command a better rental price. It is because renters prefer living close to the ground. Hence, if you are buying a home for investment purpose or renting or leasing, then it is better to do that on a lower floor to command a higher price.

  1. Privacy

If you intend to live in a congested area, then living on lower floors might not offer much privacy. If you don’t want to be disbursed and wish to avoid unwanted intrusion, then buying a higher floor property should help you.

  1. Noise

Many people may prefer staying away from the constant noise that may have to bear from neighbors walking via the common passage. As a result, you may opt for higher floors.

  1. Energy consumption

When you decide to go up, your consumption of energy also shoots up. It is majorly because you need to run the AC for a long time during the summer months. Also, if you have to draw water using water pumps, then even that would lead to a higher electricity bill.

  1. Access to flats

For many of us, waiting for elevators may be a time-consuming affair, especially when you need to catch a local train or reach anywhere quickly. Hence, if you don’t have to kill waiting for the elevators while accessing high floors, buying ground or sub-floor may help.

  1. Light and ventilation

While looking for floors on new projects in Thane, you should also consider light and ventilation. Homes located on ground floors have limited light and ventilation when compared to upper ones. What’s more, the upper floors also don’t face mosquito intrusion easily.

Some of the significant factors that may help you decide on choosing the right floors while buying residential projects in Thane and elsewhere are enlisted. Thus, you can decide on one as per your needs.

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