Popular Apps for Windows and Mac Both 2018

Have you got a new Mac and looking for the best strong application environment? In the App Store, there are hundreds and thousands of software is compatible for the Mac OS. Well, below are some of the best options for easily getting adequate knowledge on the top end software.

Are you wondering about what category of the apps to install in your Mac OS (OS X) machine? Do you like to install the top apps for Apple Mac OS? Well, this guide lets you have the clear idea about everything to install on the OS Mac.

Alfred 3:

Alfred 3 is the application launcher that lets you implement more features than the dash of Siri. Using the Alfred 3, it is convenient to perform the

  • Calculations
  • Find word definitions
  • Execute web searches
  • Other functions

Alfred 3 completely works on Mac OS with allowing to easily automating the task with the performance in quite advanced features. Siri could conveniently handle the task without voice input.


iMessage is the ultimate Apple messaging system works on Apple products. iMessage is complete free services that also does not use any data limit. iMessage is the normal messaging software program that efficiently sends the message from and to Apple computers or other iOS devices. iMessage app lets you send messages with the bubble with just a few clicks along with the full-screen effects. You can easily get the imessage download for windows 10, 8 and 7.

You can also conveniently personalize the handwritten notes and rely on the expressions which is much more efficient to make the communication secure.

iMessage also lets the user to easily share the stickers, games, emoji, and many more without any hassle.

  • Digital Touch
  • Handwriting work
  • Stickers
  • Share location, and contacts
  • Send and reply quickly
  • iMessage groups
  • Delete, block, and report spam
  • iMessage with Siri

Caffeine & Amphetamine:

Caffeine is always the favorite keep your computer performance higher with extensively keeping from going to sleep mode. Caffeine normally works on the Macs with running on the MacOS Tiger or the earlier version. Amphetamine is the recent version on Macs that run on MacOS High Sierra.

Caffeine & Amphetamine is mainly suitable for watching the videos in HD streaming along with other activity. There is no need to touch the mouse or keyboard for hours.

  • Perform auto-dim function
  • Start screensaver
  • Keeps Mac awake
  • Watching streams and videos HD
  • Global hotkeys for instant activation/deactivation
  • Activate/deactivate using single click

VLC Media Player:

VLC Media Player is one of the best highly recommended as well as cross-platform multimedia player.

The VLC Media Player plays all the multimedia files that include the DVDs, Audio CDs, as well as other streaming protocols. VLC play the entire video file that also allows you to work efficiently.


Get all the files from anywhere in one single device so you could share them anytime. Dropbox has the amazing feature that would let you sync the files between computers as well as devices.

  • Flexible storage
  • File and version recovery
  • Team folder manager
  • Link permissions
  • Smart Sync


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