Learn R to get Ahead of the Crowd

The analytics and data science market has evolved faster than probably any other field in the recent times. The value of data science has increased over time and now it is realised by all sects of various industries. The potential is immense. So the data science related skills are becoming sought after in all industries.

What is loudest on the radar?

Among the many data oriented skills Python skills are most sought after at the moment. The number of companies who are working on the Python platform is steadily increasing. It is recently topped the list of most wanted programming languages, beating JavaScript.

Other important technologies that have literally ruled the data analytics ecosystem are NoSQL, Hadoop etc. Currently Spark is also a major tool for data analytics. It has attracted a lot of attention for its processing speed.

What does however escape the buzz feed is the refurbished acceptability of R as a tool for data oriented operations. R has lately lost its place among the top programming languages. But what matters is that when it comes to data science, R is still among the top players.

From Academia to Corporates

As R arrived as an open source platform for statistical analysis it claimed high ground in the university courses related to data science. It has been a long time since data science was essentially a field of academic interest. Now, we know how much can be achieved by drawing data driven insights with the help of data science operations.

Data science has changed the face of business intelligence as well as the production industries. The companies use data from various sources to understand customer behavior and market trends. This is the beginning of a future ready business world. R, being an open source platform was already well accepted among data professionals. Now, with more than 6000 statistical analysis packages and increased processing speed, R is at its best.

The Indian Market

India currently has the requirement for 150,000 R professionals. You can log into any popular job portal to get a hang of the market trend. It is the second more sought after skill right after Python. More importantly, even if you are skilled in SAS or Python, R skills can add great value to your profile. The combination of R and Python skills can admit you into the elite class of data science professionals.

The cities like Delhi and Bangalore are creating new opportunities for R professionals every day. The analytics institutes in Delhi are offering well crafted courses for R training. Get your R training in Delhi to use the trend to reach an indispensable position.

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