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If a piece of art makes one inspired rather than awed than designing is just the right path one needs to tread on. Most of us look at art, painting and for that matter even clothes, in an appreciative or criticizing way. But, there are a few who would go, “Oh! I can do better than that!” or “Wow! I should do something like that too”. These are the few who have designing skills ingrained in them. It could also be that these few are not aware of these skills in them or they do not get the right guidance at the right time.

We all wear clothes, be it short or long, cotton or silk, summer wear or winter wear. Irrespective of age, sex, and weather, one needs to cover the body. While some of us buy it just because we need to, some of us buy it for styling! These clothes may be easy to buy and flaunt, or even if not buy, we sure just pass an opinion on all the clothing we come across. But, what goes behind creating a single piece of clothing is the sheer creativity and hard work of a designer. It is very easy to judge but being on the other side is a completely different ball game. Before even becoming a designer, one needs to get admitted into a designing college and get a degree. And believe us or not, getting into a good designing institute isn’t a walk in the park either. All top institutes have their own entrance exam for a design course. These entrance exams are no less than the CAT or UPSC either.

Thankfully, there is someone out there who believes in the saying “To be prepared is half the victory.” With this is mind, institutes prepare the aspiring designers to their best potential in clearing these entrance exam for design courses.

Have a look at their available batches, programs, and courses which are designed one clear design entrance exams.

  • Comprehensive Track-2 years

The comprehensive course is designed for a 10th pass and 11th students which offer combined study and deep understanding of design.

  • Progressive Track-1 year

Designed for the students who have passed their 11th class exams or are in the 12th class, this course makes the students go through the various parts of designing skills and achieve knowledge of the theory over a period of one year.

  • Essential Track- 6 months

This one prepares 12th Pass, Under Graduate and Graduate students with the general and creative abilities.  Along with that, it even has software training programs with the multiple test series.

  • NIFT Crash Course

This is the cash cow, being the most popular and the one which has provided most effective results. Its success is because of the detailing and little things it takes care of. Right from tricks and techniques to regular mock tests and teaching by the best faculties, this crash course prepares future designers for the final stage.

And the last one is

  • Starter Track-3 Months

This is a three-month course for a complete beginner who wants to start from scratch. The course begins with the introduction of the theory and moves on making the student achieve knowledge on the multiple creative abilities and drawing skills. It even helps understand the general topics such as English, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation.


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