Important things you should know about child visa subclass 101

child visa subclass

When living in a country full of opportunities and prospects for a bright future, one always wants his or her loved one to be with them. Australia is a country that makes the dream for a better life true for many people. It offers all the facilities of the modern world to its residents along with the breath-taking landscape.

Australia is also a favorite destination for the people seeking a better life because of its safe and secure environment. Its low crime rate and friendly society make it a place where one can live his or her according to their own ways. Moreover, Australia also has a lot to offer in education and employment departments. Its educational institutes provide a quality education that everyone wants and its fast-growing economy always has employment opportunities in every department. But one always enjoy all these facilities and opportunities when living with his or her family.

Australia provides many visas in the family visa sector. One of the important parts of family visa Australia is child visa subclass 101. This visa lets one’s children come and live in Australia with their parents. In this article, we will talk about this visa and important information about it.

What is child visa subclass 101?

This is a permanent visa that allows a child living offshore Australia to come to Australia and live with its parents there. A child can live in Australia under this visa indefinitely. This visa is also for the adopted child who was adopted before the age of 18 years by a parent who was not an Australian national or Australian permanent resident before the time of adoption.

What does this visa entitle?

This visa enables a child to follow things

 One can come and live in Australia permanently on this visa
 Can enjoy public health care benefits
 Study and work in Australia
 Travel to and from Australia whenever for 5 years

What are the eligibility conditions of this visa?

 To be eligible to apply for this visa one must fulfill the following criteria
 The applicant should be a dependent child of either of the following
 An Australian national
 A permanent Australian resident
 An eligible New Zealand citizen
 Should be no more than 18 years of age. The students who are under 25 years and are fully dependent on parents financially can also apply.
 The applicants who are over 18 years of age but are not able to work due to some disability or  problem can also apply
 One should meet all health and character requirements. In some cases, the family of the applicant is also needed to fulfill health and character conditions
 The applicant marital status should be single and should be fully dependent on his or her parents
 Must be living offshores Australia
 If the applicant has other siblings. They have to apply through different application for this visa

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