How to choose and buy the thermal wears for harsh winter conditions?

How to choose and buy the thermal wears for harsh winter conditions

What is thermal wear?

Thermal wear also known as a thermal innerwear, help in fighting the cold by retaining the body heat from getting absorbed in the cold weather outside. Thermal wear is generally made out of polyester but is mixed with other fabric material such as wool and lycra to give flexibility and extra comfort. It is usually a body-hugging type of innerwear which is worn underneath of clothing to keep the body warm during extremely cold weather while outside of the home. The reason why it is capable of keeping one’s body warm is that it acts as an insulator between the cold weather outside and the body which means it does not allow the cold air to touch the body.


In thermal wear, the fabric used to make it is of great importance. The best thermal wear in India should have the characteristic of retaining the body heat and not letting the cold weather to get to the body.

  • Synthetic fabrics

Thermal wear is usually made out of a mix of various synthetic fabrics. Mostly of polyester and a mix of other fabrics such as rayon, nylon, etc. One of the advantages of these thermal wear that are made out of synthetic fabric is that it is cost-effective that is it is cheaper and easy to take care of but can sometimes create a body odor due which it needs to be washed frequently.

  • Merino wool

When it comes to material for thermal underwear, merino wool is the best option. It is made out of natural material and is great to keep the body warm and it also takes away the extra moisture. It is also not too bulky underneath the clothing that makes it comfortable for one to perform various outdoor and indoor activities. It can be a little expensive but one can wear it without washing it for a few days.

  • Silk

Silk based thermal wear is ideal for moderately cold weather as when compared to merino wool it is not quite as warm but is also made of natural material. Silk becomes a popular material for winter thermal because of its characteristic of absorbing moisture along with retaining heat. The natural material makes it very soft on the skin and less bulky but can require washing in regular intervals.

Tips to consider while purchasing a thermal wear

  • Fabric

The fabric and its weight are one of the things to look for while purchasing a thermal innerwear. The right weight of the base layer fabric is important as the different scale of weight is what determines the amount of cold it can resist. And the fabric should be able to keep the body warm and should also b soft on the skin.

  • Function

There are certain functions such as warmth, bacteria resistance, shape and moisture absorption that should be performed by a good thermal innerwear. Thus while purchasing an innerwear one should look for a thermal that has the above characteristics.

  • Fit

Thermal wear should be snug to one’s body to retain the heat and keep the body warm during extreme cold weathers. If it is a poor fit to the body then the heat will not be distributed equally and will make it uncomfortable.

  • Style

Usually, it comes in two styles, one-piece or two pieces. Both of the styles should be of athletic fit that is snug to the body, to not let the cold winds touch the body.

A nice a good thermal wear is all one need to keep oneself warm and snug during the harsh temperate winters which can be physically daunting.

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