High Calorie Indian Foods that Everyone Loves

High Calorie Indian Foods

There is no uncertainty in saying that the Indian food is the best in the World. The main reason of this reality is that we Indians make an appropriate utilization of flavours, proteins and supplements while making up the dishes. Nonetheless, you will also additionally discover a great deal of road side street food, and a couple of them are not even good for wellbeing as well. These fatty food items will make you fat if expended all the time.

Since some of these food items are high in calories, the specialists recommend eating close to 1 serving for every day. At times, people confuse good things with bad things as well. For example, if you have raw cottage cheese, it would be considered healthy for you but having malai kofta might not be considered that healthy. However, if you check Malai Kofta recipe in hindi, you will see that it is loaded with so many nutrients that you will actually love it and want to have it every now and then. And then it must be consumed in moderation.

The top and popular Indian dishes that are high in calories are as under:

  1. Samosa –

This yummy zesty fried titbit can be found on each road in India and is one of the Indian foods that is high in calories. Normally, a samosa has around 180 calories if it is stuffed with meat and 130 calories in the event that it is stuffed with potatoes or veggies.

  1. Bajjis –

Give a chance to be potato or onion bajjis, the rainy evenings in India start without having this high caloric food item. Since, it is rotisserie in oils; it is recommended to indulge in such dishes maybe once or twice a month. These contain around 190 to 250 calories for every 2-3 pieces, as per their size.

  1. Tandoori Chicken –

This thing is a standout amongst the most famous dishes in any Indian non-vegan inn. They look extremely tantalizing, however in the event that you precisely take a look at the quantity of calories in it, at that point you’ll have your mind blown. A straightforward serving which is scarcely 3 or 4 pieces contains about 300 to 340 calories.

  1. Pav Bhajji –

On the off chance that you have been to Mumbai, at that point you may have heard this name without a doubt. It is a standout amongst the most famous street food items you can discover in all parts of India. A solitary plate of Pav Bhajji contains a whopping 620 KCL, which is certainly not proposed for those who are on a “get-healthy” plan. But then what is the harm in having it once a month.

  1. Chhole Bhature –

This North Indian dish is additionally extremely renowned in different parts of the India. It might taste great, yet contains around 450 kcl in a solitary serving. Along these lines, evade it in case you’re intending to get in shape.

So be it Chicken Korma curry or Malai Kofta recipe in hindi can be found which would give you a fairly good idea of how many calories these items contain. Also, on the off chance that you needed to have these at any cost, at that point the best time to have them is till lunch, with the goal that you’ll have enough time to consume those devoured calories before the day is over.

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