Why gynecology is considered as a specialty?


Gynecology is a stream of medicine which stands poles apart when you compare it to other medical domains. As a gynecologist, you are expected to deal with women of all age groups and this is from a teenage girl to a matured woman. The problems may vary from one individual to another, but you need to have a fair idea about the problems one is likely to encounter. In case of teenagers it may be problems during mensuration, pain during this stage, irregular periods and so on. In this case, the gynecologist first goes on to pacify the teenager and the mother. The first stage is to act as a counselor and then begin the course of treatment.

Pregnancy for a teenage girl is a taboo, but for a middle-aged woman is a great feeling. This is the reason on why success or failure of contraception results in different feelings for women of various age patterns. A teenager girl will have a sense of relief if her pregnancy test is negative, while on the same hand a married woman will feel dejected on if this is the case. As a gynecologist in Gurgaon it is not only the medical aspect, but you have to give due considerations to the medical aspects of the patients.

The term gynecology has gone a sea change, and with it the qualities of gynecologists who treat the patients have also changed. What began as a male oriented profession has undergone a massive change with more and more females getting drawn to the job. To be honest they feel much more emotionally connected and they might have been in this situation at an earlier point of time. Research also points to the fact that women are more sympathetic in dealing with the problems of patients. In addition to this whatever one has to say, India is a male dominate society and the woman are not so comfortable, in exposing or sharing any of the personal problems with the doctors. If they are not free to express themselves then the treatment is not on the right track and half the solution to the problem lies in spelling out your concerns. But in spite of all this, the male doctors tend to get paid much better than the female counterparts which is a really a better pill to digest.

But the male gynecologists have also adopted some measures at their end. They are able to create an atmosphere where the patients are able to exhibit their problems without any difficulty. Ideally when the physical examination of a patient is undertaken it is done in the company of a nurse. In case of young girls, it is suggested that the guardians should accompany the patients. The doctors should go on to conduct themselves in a professional or soothing manner. All these gestures display a sense of confidence and the patients are able to discuss their problems in an easy manner.

When you compare the term gynecology it is not restricted to pregnancy, but it goes on to cover a wide spectrum of reproductive along with sexual health. The sexual life of a woman becomes a full circle after the birth of a baby and the main function of a gynecologist is to keep an eye on the fetus of a lady.


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