DESC: The mesmerizing river dance and the hypnotic Irish music coupled with a globally recognized education system.  Wouldn’t you wish to study abroad in such a location? Read this blog to know more about study in Ireland.

We heard that you might be planning to study abroad? Is that so? Well, in that case, have you decided which country you would want to pursue your higher education from?

If not yet then let us take you through one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. A place covered in lush green and yet a fantastic option to study abroad. We are talking about Ireland. Thousands of students choose to study in Ireland every year not only for the beautiful countryside, fertile pastures and farmlands or its mountains and coasts but the education it has to offer!


If you are planning to study abroad then make sure you don’t miss on Ireland because studying here is a unique experience on its own. The country offers tertiary education after completion of the secondary level. The higher education system in Ireland consists of mainly 7 Universities, 14 Institutes of Technology, 7 Colleges of Education. It is known worldwide for being well organized, systematic and sharply focussed on enhancing the R&D and skill development of the country in the best possible set up with practical outcomes.

You can study in Ireland in its top ranking universities and institutions by applying through the CAO or Central Applications Office. This greatly helps students in eliminating the need to apply to individual universities.

Is there a pre-requisite qualification?

Yes, students aspiring to study in Ireland must carry a minimum requirement like a passing grade in either English or Irish language, along with mathematics. Whereas, it also depends on the type of study course you are choosing to pursue in the country.

Furthermore, Ireland is world recognized for being home to rich traditions and a glorified history with enough room to satiate your inner explorer. A number of students prefer to study in Ireland every passing year for its globally recognized academic curriculum, state of the art infrastructure, and brilliant study programs like hospitality, pharmacy, healthcare, marketing, textiles, and media. No wonder Ireland has become one of the most preferred study-abroad destinations.

Did you know that choosing to study in Ireland opens doors for you to enjoy a brilliant nightlife?

Not only that, Ireland is the largest exporter of computers worldwide and provides over 25% of Europe’s computers. Such a technologically sound set up of the country naturally attracts major IT companies of the world who have their headquarters established in the country. Can you foresee the brilliant employment opportunities here?


Let us now see how much it costs to study in Ireland. If we divide the cost structure into tuition fee and living expenses, we get:

Tuition Fees:

UG/PG Degree – 9000 Euros to 20000 Euros

Living Expenses:

7000 Euros to 12000 Euros a year.

And here comes the main highlight:

Studying in Ireland becomes even more lucrative when you get to know that the government of Ireland invests over 700 million Euros in research annually in order to create a benchmark in this domain. It is also beneficial when international as well as the Indian students are offered scholarships and awards by The Government of Ireland and the Irish Universities Association that covers living expenses and full tuition fee waiver to study abroad in Ireland.

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