How to Take Care of Your Awnings?


When we buy something new, we usually spend a lot of time and efforts to maintain it as it is. Similar is the case with the awnings. An awning can add new life to your storefront or your patio. But, you need to offer your best care to the canopy so that it can last you for a longer time. Many people are under an impression that cleaning and maintaining the canopies is a tedious task. But, in reality, you will need basic cleaning gear and some time to take care of the awning.                                      

Maintain the awnings with these tips

  • The greatest enemies of your awning and canopies are mold and mildew. It is important that you clean them regularly to guard the awning fabric against the stains and damage. There is equipment like pressure cleaners to clean the sturdy fabric of the canopies. Another way to handle this is to call a technician to help you in this regard.
  • Do not go for the cleaning solutions that are advertised and sold in the market. They might be too aggressive for the fabric. Instead of cleaning the awnings you may just end up damaging them. So, read the ingredients of the solutions before buying them. You can think of buying them if they are of mild properties. Avoid the ones with chlorine or sulfur.
  • Try to make the cleaning solution on your own. For instance, a mild liquid soap or washing detergent is capable enough to clean your awnings. Prepare a solution by mixing the soap with lukewarm water. You can scrub out the stains with a sponge or a soft brush. If there are no stains then you can use a cloth to clean the fabric.
  • Once you are done with gentle scrubbing and applying the solution, you will have to clean the fabric thoroughly. Use a clean water to wash down the canopies. Make sure you do not leave any soapy solution behind. It can affect the appearance of the awnings. If needed, you can use a pipe or hose to clean the canopies as these are effective tools for the same.
  • If you do not find the time to clean the canopies with a soapy solution, you should clean it with at least water. The simplest way is to hose them down. Do it at least once a month or fortnight. Choose a sunny and warm day to water or clean the canopies so that they dry quickly.
  • The most common mistake is not cleaning your awnings from both sides. So, you should engage in thorough cleaning every time you are working on the canopy. The simplest trick is to use a long broom to dust the inside and outside of the awning. This way you do not have to do intensive cleaning every day.
  • Make sure you are alert about the surroundings around your awnings. If there are pests then you should call the exterminators to handle them immediately. If there are trees and vines then you need to be careful if they are touching the canopies. The acids in the vines and tree leaves can wear out the canopy fabric leading to discoloration.
  • Do not allow the snow or water to accumulate in the canopy. It can take a toll on its fabric and ruin, not just the look but also its functionality. Make sure you take care of such issues. Additionally, do not use cleaner or bug sprays around the awnings as it can affect the fabric. If you notice a sign of tear or damage in the rods, you should ask a professional to fix it.

Take the above mentioned care for your awnings and only get the best looking and durable results for a longtime.

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