Dress up Like a Pro Everyday With These 5 Types of Jeans

We all have jeans, we all wear them, and we all love them. Can you imagine a wardrobe without a single pair of jeans!? They are like the safe play of fashion items considered as the best dresses for women which can never go wrong. Be it a breakfast, lunch or a fancy dance party, jeans is one piece of clothing which goes with every occasion. But these denim blessings had gone under their own evolution, which has seen everything, from belly bottom to high waist, to low cut to boyfriend jeans. Styles have come and gone, but one thing remains constant, the popularity of jeans. We have transformed the designs according to the time, but never eliminated these denim bottoms from our lives.

Here is list of five types of jeans which helps girls in looking good in mere seconds. Several styles of Dresses for Women, come and get out of style, but jeans is loved and worn by all body types. Last year, skinny jeans were so popular that people started thinking that finally jeans will be replaced by leggings. However, this ideology quickly faded, with unfazed popularity of jeans. We have a misconception that shopping for jeans is way simpler than Dresses for Women; however, one forgets that daily wear is more important than occasional wear, so a lot more thought of comfort is put into it.

  1. Cropped Flares

This cropped flares design of denim seems to be inspired from a not so dramatic belly bottom style where jeans remains attached to your skin till your knees, opening up a little on the lower section of your legs. These jeans look best with high stilettos, which will surely turn heads when you walk down the street. You can take some celebrity inspiration, as everyone from Selena Gomez to Olivia Palermo is wearing them. They are getting popular because of their comfortable and stylish fit. You can team them up with a crop top, or get a formal look, by wearing a tucked in white shirt with a faded blue cropped flare jeans. Unlike Dresses for Women, these jeans suit all body sizes and are pretty much available in all sizes. Don’t forget to wear a belt if you have a small waist, as it will help in flaunting your curves. You can also wear them with well fitted off-shoulder tops, as the flares at the end with everything tight above, will help you look slimmer.

  1. Slightly Distressed

This style has been in the fashion for almost a year now and doesn’t seem to go away any time soon. So, we recommend you to grab a piece, if you don’t have it already. They go with pretty much everything. These denims have a small ripped or sometimes a simple cut at the knees. It is basically a collaboration of tight with ripped jeans. These pairs are casual and extremely comfortable. Get into the sporty vibe, by wearing them with you sneakers. You can turn them in glamorous jeans, by simply combining them with a pair of heels. You can team them up with loose crop tops or light fabric as it will add more focus on your legs. You can go for tight tops, if you have a heavier upper body. You can also team them up with mini summer Dresses for Women, as it will neutralize the attention making you look slimmer than you actually are.

  1. Extreme ripped faded Jeans

We feel less is enough, don’t just go overboard flaunting this style. Try the product before investing in it. Take some time and invest in these jeans, depending on your body type. Ensure that they fit well, as loose denims will make the ripped threads of the fabric seem lanky and cheap, taking away its whole purpose. Ensure to go for darker shades, which will help make you look slimmer and taller. You can go for lighter shades like white, smoke grey, if you have a petite body type. Avoid wearing anything loose with them, as you might end up looking fat Choosing Dresses for Women is not that difficult a job right? Jeans is a daily wear necessity and nobody wants to go wrong with it.

  1. Frayed Edge

These denims are extremely popular right now, and can be seen on every celebrity, from Bollywood to Hollywood. The loose fitting of these jeans makes them extremely comfortable, making it a popular choice in workplaces as well. You can team them up with a shirt and heels, and you will get a perfect office look. You can also team them up with an off shoulder top, and get a gypsy look. They look good with everything be it a fancy top, a slogan tee or a formal shirt. They are best for breakfast outing and lunch dates. Jeans and Dresses for Women are one of top selling clothes in the world, where a woman owns more than 5 pairs of jeans in her wardrobe.

  1. Skinny Jeans

This trend doesn’t seem to get away. It has been in the fashion industry for over 4 years now. And people still love it. But how can one help when you can team them up with anything, be it Dresses for Women, or cotton kurtis or other western wear in general. They look good with sneakers, heels, slippers, and everything. It has become a separate category which has multiple verities now. Some of which include double shade denims or straight fit boyfriend or mom jeans. You just have to change your top and turn it from glam to formal in seconds. You can use them for any occasion. You can pretty much replace your leggings with them as well.


Buy these styles and use these tips to look extra stylish this season. Jeans should be considered as your best friend who stays with you, holding you tight in every season. Ditch Dresses for Women with your favorite pair of denims, as they will never go out of style. Also, they look amazing on you.

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